Benefits of professional commercial landscape maintenance

The way your business looks from the outside matters. Make a good first impression with professional commercial landscaping and landscape maintenance. Proper maintenance is an investment in your business.

Evergreen Services in Calgary are a professional landscape maintenance and construction company. They explain just why professional commercial landscaping is so beneficial:

Boosts overall value

A well-cared-for landscape will play a role in affecting not only property value but also overall opinion value. Your landscape will likely be the first impression customers see, so you want to make it a good one. Good impressions help attract and retain business. Seeing a beautiful, well-cared-for landscape shows that you care about impressions, and can feel welcoming to your clients and vendors.

Improves and ensures safety

Not only is an unkempt landscape unsightly, but it invites unnecessary risks and possible harm. Unlevel pavement or debris can lead to people tripping or injuring themselves. Likewise, unmanicured trees can easily grow out and cause damage to the roof of your business. It also increases the risk of encouraging crime by having a property that looks unattended. Taking care to keep your landscape maintained and trees trimmed, shows proactive care. Not only are you ensuring customers stay safe, but it will also keep your business safe.

Year-round maintenance

Spring and summer are always guaranteed to have landscape maintenance, but what about the rest of the year? Even in the fall and winter, there is still plenty of maintenance that can be done. Helping prevent overgrowth or maintaining weeds in the fall, for example, will mean that much less work come spring. During the winter, a property maintenance company will ensure your walks and parking lot is clear and safe for those coming in and out of the building.

Protects a green investment 

Pruning trees and trimming bushes is more than just a matter of the visual appeal; it also affects the plant’s health. Trimming trees encourages new growth, giving your plants a fuller, healthier look. Landscaping with professionals, also means you can implement other green initiatives.

Choosing plants that attract bees or setting up an irrigation system, for example, are both eco-friendly boosts. Then, having a professional company maintain your landscape will ensure those investments flourish. It’ll also directly appeal to current and potential customers, who appreciate seeing a greener business.

Landscapers in Calgary

Evergreen Services has over 20 years of quality landscape service experience and knowledge. They pride themselves in always providing the same high quality of work in every project and for every customer. Evergreen Services offer landscape maintenance or landscape construction to transform your property. Whatever landscaping services or questions you may have, they have the solutions and answers.

Don’t hesitate to contact Evergreen Services today!

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