The 10 Best Solar Panel Companies in Vancouver

Despite the conception that Vancouver is often cloudy and rainy with minimal sunshine, it’s actually a very suitable location for solar panel power. Vancouver home and business owners can maximize the days of sun and utilize this sustainable power source. Solar panel installation in Vancouver will help lower energy bills, boost property value, and help pave the way for a greener future. 

Installing solar panels requires the skills and knowledge of certified electricians, solar panel technicians, and designers. The good news is below is a list of professional solar panel installation companies just a call away.

The Best Solar Panel Installation Contractors in Vancouver

We’ve curated a listing of leading solar panel companies in the area. On the top of the list are RenovationFind Certified companies. These companies have shown proof of critical credentials, cleared legal and financial background checks and are continually monitored for compliance. 

Here are our top picks for the best solar panel companies in Vancouver:

1. Ready Solar

Phone 778-200-7686
RenovationFind Profile 

Ready Solar is a solar energy electrical company specializing in bringing the sun’s power to residential and commercial projects. Their team comprises certified electricians and solar panel specialists who can outfit any home or business with the proper solar panel layout. 

They offer everything from panels, inverters, battery backup storage, EV solar chargers, electrical service upgrades and more. In addition, their team can handle roofs with any pitch, so any home or business can benefit from a solar upgrade. Check out their website to learn more about this award-winning company and how they can help you reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills!

Key Services & Features

  • Best in Vancouver Award Winner
  • Member of Canadian Renewable Energy Association
  • EV charging solution
  • Electrical service upgrade
  • Battery backup/energy storage
  • Solar photovoltaic systems

Customer Feedback

An absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. The job was installed professionally and passed inspection without a single glitch. The staff are super friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The solar panels were installed with precision and fine detail and were installed on time and on budget. Ready Solar were the only company I could find to install the solar panels on a concrete tiled roof. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to friends and family. Well done, Paul, and well done to your entire team for a great job.

– Bayne, Google

2. Power My Home

Phone 866-4755-5165

Power My Home is an industry leader in providing solutions for energy storage, solar and backup power in Western Canada. The company was founded in 2012 after the CEO, Sam Mraiheen, witnessed a severe storm that created a power outage for three days. The events inspired Sam to start his company to provide off-grid power and alternative energy.

Today, the company specializes in off-grid solutions and mobile power for home and business owners who want to produce and store green energy. Their team values integrity, quality of workmanship and collaboration and ensures their customers get safe and lasting solar solutions.

Key Services & Features

  • Free quotes
  • Residential and commercial solar installation
  • Solar power consultant
  • Ground and rooftop solar installation
  • Solar batteries and inverters
  • Off-grid and backup solar
  • Backup generator installation

Customer feedback

Sam and his crew were very professional, efficient and friendly. They answered all our questions and were very patient with our delays. We love our 40 new solar panels! Even though we are a house of 9 people, there are many days we generate more electricity than we use.

– Shannon, Google

3. VREC Solar

Phone (778) 869-8333

Vancouver Renewable Energy (VREC) has provided solar energy solutions and installations since 2004. In addition to quality solar installation, their systems qualify for a $5,000 Federal Grant, Interest Fee Loan and Investment Tax Credit. One thing that sets their team apart is the company is entirely employee-owned. That means every team member has a personal investment in ensuring superior quality work. 

Their team has also been installing grid-tie photovoltaic systems in BC longer than any other contractor. Their years of experience lend themselves to a team that provides no pressure but ensures their customers are informed. That way, every client makes decisions based on practical solutions and accurate expectations of what their solar panels will provide. 

Key Services & Features

  • Members of BC Sustainable Energy Association, Canadian Solar Industries Association, Canadian Workers Coop Federation and Canada Green Building Council
  • Telsa Powerwall
  • EV Chargers
  • Solar hot water
  • Portable power system

Customer Feedback

Duncan and Michelle with VREC were very informative and thorough. I appreciate a lot of detail, and they didn’t shy away from all our questions! We got a 20kwh system with Bauer panels, so it was a big investment and a big project, but everything was done perfectly. I felt well taken care of as a customer, so even though the process took a long time due to the government loan, etc, I never felt forgotten about or unimportant.

– Ava, Google

4. Pure Solar Contracting

Phone +1 604-817-6527

Pure Solar Contracting is a leading installer of custom residential and commercial grid-tied solar. Their team designs, installs, commissions, monitors and services solar needs. With over ten years of experience in solar PV installations and over 150 completed projects, their team can be relied on. Each system is unique and custom-designed for every roof. Valuing customer relationships also goes beyond just installations. Every step, from consultation to installation, is handled with top quality and care. 

Pure Solar Contracting provides quality products and services and offers competitive prices. That way, customers can always find panel/microinverter solutions that look great and suit their energy needs. 

Key Services & Features

  • High-resolution digital imagery 
  • Turn-key installations
  • Residential and commercial incentives
  • Canada Greener Homes loan
  • BC Hydro Net Metering Program
  • Competitive Pricing

Customer Feedback

I had an excellent experience with the guys at Pure Solar. From start to finish, they were professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They guided me through the entire process, clearly explaining the benefits and options. The installation was smooth, and the panels are already making a noticeable difference in my energy bills. I appreciate their attention to detail and knowledge of solar panel systems. Overall, I highly recommend their services to anyone considering solar panel installation.

– Austin, Google

5. Northern Sun Power

Phone N/A

Northern Sun Power is an all-in-one solar system company that meticulously provides a seamless shift into solar energy. Their team is made up of forward-thinking German entrepreneurs with a mission to elevate sustainable standards in Vancouver. They bring a deep-rooted commitment to environmental responsibility and are dedicated to harnessing renewable resources. 

Every solar product is meticulously selected to ensure that only certified, long-lasting brand products are installed. Their team handles every step of the way, from planning and consultations to securing government incentives. The seamless process has served their company for years, ensuring all their client’s needs are met. 

Key Services & Features

  • Photovoltaic insurance
  • Government cashback
  • All-in-one solution
  • Canada Greener Homes Grant and Loan
  • Solar solution
  • Charing station

Customer Feedback

The installation itself was remarkably swift, with the solar panel system up and running within a matter of days. Now, I am reaping the benefits of my own Euro generation and enjoying substantial savings. The entire experience has been nothing short of excellent, and I wholeheartedly recommend Northern Sun Power to anyone considering a solar solution.

– Daniel, Google

6. Shift Energy Group

Phone 1-844-507-4438

Shift Energy Group believes in giving everyone access to clean and affordable energy. Since 2010, their team has provided solar panel and energy storage installations and streamlined the design and installation process. Today, the company has helped businesses and communities save over $5,000,000 in operating costs. Over the years, their team has dedicated themselves to continuous learning and constantly improving. Shift Energy Group handles everything from system design, engineering, permitting, installation, and commissioning. 

Key Services & Features

  • Free, no-obligation consults
  • Solar referral program
  • Interest-free financing
  • Residential and commercial installations
  • Solar panel installations
  • Energy storage installations

Customer Feedback

The four-person team from Shift Energy Group that installed 30 solar panels and completed the wiring for Tesla Power Walls at my rural location did a superb job. I was very impressed with how they worked smoothly and cheerfully together in difficult weather and site circumstances. They found some brilliant solutions to arising problems. They built on the expertise of each individual to efficiently complete a complicated job. I give Shift Energy Group a 5-star plus excellent rating.

– Trallee, Google 

7. Solar Connect Company

Phone 778-899-6229

Inspired by the power of renewable energy transformation, Solar Connect Company was founded to bring that transformation to Vancouver. Their team shares their knowledge at the start of every consultation to ensure their clients are totally informed. Additionally, their team is made up of solar experts, product experts, and master technicians, all armed with the best skills. That guarantees a personalized service to every installation.

Their long-standing relationship with the BC Hydro Net Metering Team can handle all rules and regulations. That means a stress-free experience and long-lasting results with significant savings. When you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, Solar Connect Company is a call away.  

Key Services & Features

  • Solar PV panels
  • Racking system
  • Inverters
  • Electrical wiring
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee 

Customer Feedback

Solar Connect did an incredible job installing our solar panels. They are very knowledgeable, super helpful, easy to contact, ask questions, and very enjoyable to work with. And they do an excellent job at competitive prices. Don’t go with a big roofing company; go with a local expert. Solar Connect really knows their stuff.

– John, Google

8. Penfolds Roofing & Solar

Phone 1-877-252-2007

Since 1937, Penfolds Roofing & Solar has provided quality craftsmanship and stellar solar solutions. The key to success starts with building trust through quality and integrity that passes the test of time. Since then, their company has become one of the largest and most trusted companies. They can help with roof removals, repairs, solar panel installation projects, and more at reasonable rates.

As a family-owned and operated business, they also promise to treat each home as their own. That means a careful, safety-forward approach and quality products that will last. With a mission of delivering superior products and uncompromising service, Penfolds Roofing & Solar is always ready to help.

Key Services & Features

  • Agricultural solar panels
  • Free, no-obligation estimates and assessments
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Lifetime roof warranty
  • 5-year leak-free warranty
  • Lifetime solar warranty

Customer Feedback

First class. The yard left cleaner than when they arrived. Great communication. Small details – like closing awnings so they wouldn’t get damaged and extending them after they were finished. Everyone I deal with through the process is polite and professional. *Many Thanks*

– Robert, Google

9. Rikur Energy

Phone 604-430-9200

Sunny days and sunny smiles go hand-in-hand with Rikur Energy and its expertise. Their team won’t press for a solar conversion but shares the many financial and environmental benefits. By ensuring an informed decision happens, they’ve built a legacy of happy solar customers. Their team proudly stands as an informed choice solar company that can handle installations, repairs, upgrades and customized solutions.

They also share up-to-date information on solar energy, incentives and benefits. That way, even down the road, their customers stay informed and equipped with the best Rikur Energy offers.

Key Services & Features

  • Free quote
  • 25-year warranty
  • 40-year service life 
  • EV charging station installation
  • Residential and commercial solar panel installation
  • Residential rebates
  • Canada Greener Homes Grant

Customer Feedback

Rikur Energy was very thorough, from the proposal and site evaluation to ordering, installation, and monitoring. All staff were professional, friendly and helpful, and we were very happy with the results and function of the system. The company assessed the interface and applications with the power utility company and helped set up all accounts on our behalf, including the charger station. All products used are high quality, from local and credible manufacturers, and backed by proper warranties and support. We are interested in using them on our next project and would highly recommend them to others.

– Wesley, Google

10. Stardust Solar

Phone 1-888-620-6733

Stardust Solar specializes in solar installations and is an industry leader in solar training. As go-to trainers for other solar installers, their team knows the solar panel industry inside and out. With the most up-to-date technology and services, they provide solar installations that stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s a solar panel installation, upgrade, Tesla Powerwall or answering questions, their team is equipped to help.

Additionally, for every solar panel installed, their team plants ten trees. And, for every student certified in solar, they also plant 25 trees. Today, they’ve helped hundreds of clients convert to solar energy and have planted 46,877 trees.

Key Services & Features

  • 25-year warranty
  • Increased durability panels 
  • Free quote
  • NAPCEP/CSA accreditation training
  • For every solar panel installed, ten trees are planted in countries affected by deforestation
  • 25 trees planted for every solar student certified

Customer Feedback

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Stardust team on a personal level, and I can proclaim that in an industry often characterized by cutthroat competition and greed-driven motives, Stardust Solar’s leadership team stands out as a shining example of integrity and authenticity. Their commitment to doing business with honesty, transparency, and a genuine concern for the well-being of others sets them apart as true industry trailblazers.

– Justin, Google