EV Charging Installation for Your Home

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Today, many Alberta homeowners are switching their gas-powered vehicles with electric-powered vehicles. Although you can power your electric vehicle in any EV charging station, many people want the convenience of charging their electric vehicles at home. Thankfully, EV charger installation is now hassle-free for residential homeowners who drive electric vehicles in Alberta.

Types of EV chargers

An EV charger is an electrical device that connects an electric car to the source of electricity. It functions similarly to an electrical device that you charge at home such as your mobile phone. It comes in three main types: level one, level two, and level three.

EV Level 1 Charger: These EV chargers are mostly found in homes. It utilizes a connection to a standard 120-volt outlet and charges 8km per hour taking up to 20 hours to fully charge.

EV Level 2 Charger: These EV chargers are commonly used at home, businesses, and in common areas. It uses a connection to a 240-volt outlet charging 30km per hour. It takes up to 14 hours to fully charge your electric vehicle.

EV Level 3 Charger: These chargers are commonly used in businesses and common areas and are directly connected to an electrical system. It charges 100km per 30 minutes and usually to up to 4 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle.

Benefits of Installing EV Chargers for your home

There are many benefits to installing EV chargers for your home in Alberta. These are just some top reasons why many Albertans choose to install EV chargers.

Convenience:  Why drive to a public EV station when you can have it right in your own home? When you install an EV charging station, you can power your vehicle overnight and have it recharged and ready to drive when you wake up the next day.

Less expensive: Part of the reason people switch to electric vehicles is to hedge against the rising cost of gasoline. You can save money in the long run by having your own EV charging station, especially if you power your vehicle with solar.

More predictable: Depending on where you live, a public EV charging station may not be easily accessible. It can also take you a few hours to charge your vehicle after you arrive there.

Contribute to a sustainable future: Many Alberta homeowners pair their EV charging stations with a solar panel system to offset their EV consumption with renewable energy. Homeowners today want to know exactly where they are sourcing their energy. In addition, they also want to know that they are doing their part in reducing their environmental footprint.

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Choosing an EV Charging Station Installer

Today, there are many EV charging station installers to select from. So, how do you know which EV charging installer you should go with? Here are some top considerations when choosing an EV installer.

Expertise: By choosing an installer that is knowledgeable and qualified, you are safeguarding your assets and the safety of your own home.

Great testimonials:The EV charging station installation process should be convenient, easy, and turnkey. Make sure you go with an installer who has proven expertise and experience. They should also be committed to delivering quality services to their clients.

You plan to get solar in the future: If you are planning to get solar panels for your home in the future, it is always best to go with a company that has experience with installing solar. That way, the company can future-proof any potential solar projects you plan on having down the road.

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EV Charging Station in Alberta

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