How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost in Vancouver in 2022

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With inflation rates in BC one of the highest in Canada, clients have been wondering what the overall impact is on their next home renovation project. The overall cost of bathroom renovations in Vancouver is influenced by many factors, including project scope, quality of materials, and the size of your bathroom.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

For a full, mid-grade bathroom renovation, clients should expect to pay between $15,000 to $25,000 + GST, which is inclusive of all labour and materials. For a full, high-end bathroom renovation, this number jumps to over $35,000+ excluding GST. These numbers are based on the average bathroom size, which is approximately 40-50 sq ft. Note, this is a general guideline as each project has its own unique elements that dictate the overall budget.

What is involved in a bathroom renovation?

There are many moving parts in bathroom renovations, so adequate planning is important to ensure that your bathroom renovation brings your design inspiration to life, all while staying within budget. Planning includes the selection of materials, any design/layout changes such as moving plumbing or electrical, and the project schedule including any applicable permits and inspections.

A typical bathroom renovation takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. This timeline can be impacted by the availability of trades and materials, scope of work, change orders, and the general contractor. Yes! The general contractor you hire has a major impact on the overall project timeline. A good contractor will produce high quality work, provide sound professional advice, and actively manage subcontractors and the project schedule to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

The steps of a bathroom renovation

There are many subcontractors involved in a bathroom renovation project, so maintaining a detailed project schedule is important to ensuring a project gets completed on time. It is best to hire reputable and experienced general contractors to manage and execute the job for you. The high-level steps for completing a bathroom renovation are as follows:

1. Design & Quote – Working with your general contactor to design your dream bathroom and obtaining a quote for the work

2. Material Procurement – Once job is approved, procuring the necessary materials not only saves time and headache down the road, but also maximizes efficiencies on site ensuring a successful project

3. Demolition – This includes the disposal of all elements of the existing washroom in a safe manner. Extra precaution is required if asbestos is present and an abatement is required

4. Plumbing – This includes installing the new tub or shower base, shut-off valves, and replacing any old piping

5. Electrical – This can be completed at the same time as plumbing, and includes the rough-ins for the new fixtures or pot lights to be installed

6. Tub/Shower Surround Waterproofing – This is an important step to ensure the tub/shower surround is moisture-resistant and durable

7. Tile Install – This includes the installation of tiles both in the tub/shower surround and on the floor and walls (if applicable)

8. Painting – This includes painting the walls, ceiling and trim (i.e., baseboards, door casing, etc.)

9. Finishings – This includes installing the vanity, electrical fixtures, mirrors, toilet, and plumbing fixtures

10. Debris Removal & Final Clean – Before we officially complete your project, we ensure all project-related debris is removed and a professional, final clean is undertaken.

Let Us Help with Your Next Bathroom Renovation Project!

We hope that the information provides insight into the different components and help you when planning your next bathroom renovation project. Our experienced team has completed numerous bathroom renovations including both mid-range and high-end projects.

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