Budget-friendly bathroom renovation ideas

When renovating the bathroom, you can spend a lot of money, but you don’t necessarily have to. Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Design Center offers bathroom renovations in Calgary. They share some ideas that will help upgrade the bathroom without breaking the bank.

Replace the vanity

When you walk through Contemporary Bath’s showroom, you’ll see a wide range of vanity replacement options to suit every style and budget. By measuring your current vanity and space, their team of Calgary bathroom contractors will help you select a vanity that will fit the space. With a design plan for the entire bathroom in mind, you can also find a budget-friendly vanity and countertop replacement that will perfectly match the new design.

When choosing a countertop for your new bathroom vanity, consider stone. Engineered quartz and granite countertops are beautiful and long-lasting. Since the counter space in bathrooms is typically small, you can get a nice stone countertop at an affordable price.

Upgrade the faucets and fixtures

If your bathroom sink and tub faucets are out of date, replacing them with modern faucets will improve the look of the bathroom. You can replace the faucets and showerhead with water-efficient low-flow models. Not only have they come down in price over the years, but they will help you reduce your water use and save money on your monthly bills. You won’t have to worry about losing water pressure, as the latest technology reduces water use while still providing enough flow for a good rinse!

If you want to spend a little more, consider replacing your dated toilet and bathtub with something new. Contemporary Bath has a great selection of bathroom fixtures with ranging price points.

Upgrade hardware and accessories

Upgrading things like the towel rack, toilet paper holder, hooks, and other accessories are another cost-friendly bathroom renovation. Calgary homeowners can find modern styles that best compliment their new vanity, faucets, and fixtures. Read these bathroom decorating ideas for some inspiration.

Paint the walls

When combined with the ideas above, or even on its own, a fresh coat of paint can help transform your bathroom. Consider light, neutral colours to expand the space and give an airy vibe. Whites, creams, beiges, light greens, blues, and greys are all popular choices.

To put it all together, consult with the design team at Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Design Center. They’re the professionals when it comes to Calgary bathroom renovations.


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