Budget Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home

Home improvement is often associated with breaking the bank, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are simple ways that you can refresh your home without spending an arm and a leg, and they won’t consume your entire weekend either. Check out some easy and budget friendly ideas below.


Paint can do wonders in transforming any space. Whether you add a new coat to your cabinets, create a statement wall, or repaint a whole room entirely, it will surely make your area appear more pristine. Keep in mind that lighter colours tend to reflect light and have enlarging effects, while darker colours tend to absorb light and minimize the size of spaces. Lighter palettes tend to be preferable during the summer and spring, while darker colours to be more favourable during the winter and fall months.

If you’re concerned about cost, don’t worry. You don’t have to be a pro to tackle this job. There are online painting guides that provide tips and tricks for any painting project. $100 or less will certainly get you a bucket of paint and all the necessary tools. So grab your brush, blast some tunes, and get painting!

Fabric & Textiles

Replacing fabrics and textiles can be much more affordable, and just as effective, as major home upgrades. You can add colour and comfort to any space with throw pillows, blankets, or new carpets. Additionally, you can revamp your interior by upgrading your curtains as well. You can opt for sheer curtains, sleek blinds, or remove them completely if you’d like to invite more sunshine into your home.

Floral & Plants

Greenery doesn’t have to be limited to your outdoor space. Consider adding some colourful flowers or other plants to your indoor areas this summer. These elements will certainly add a fresh vibe to your home. Fortunately, plants tend to be relatively inexpensive too. For under $50, you can easily find some small plants or a larger centrepiece plant for your interior. As you cook with lovely flowers on your countertop, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!


Changing your decorations is a fantastic way to transform any space. Simply grab a storage bin and carefully pack away your old treasures. Replace these decorations with items such as candles, mirrors, artwork, and photos. These items are usually inexpensive, especially if you choose a DIY option. Perhaps you have scenic photos from your vacation to hang, or maybe you want to add warmth to your living room with candles. Either way, this will certainly transform the atmosphere of your space. When you need a change, just pull out that storage bin and try a new combination of decorations!


I’m not suggesting that you replace your cabinets or dresser, but tackling the smaller components of your furniture can have a surprisingly large impact on your home’s appearance. Are your door knobs or cabinet handles worn out? This is a really cheap and quick fix. Alternatively, maybe you have little ones running around and increased clutter in your home. Purchasing hardware such as hooks, shelves, and storage boxes can help to mitigate this problem. With small items tucked away, you’re sure to end up with a refreshed looking space.


There is an infinite amount of options when it comes to budget friendly home improvement projects. Next time you have a free weekend, forget travelling to the store and buying expensive decorations. If you have some creativity, you can easily refresh your home with these simple projects. What’s more, if you’re putting condos for sale in Toronto or houses for sale in Toronto, these eye-catching upgrades will certainly aid in the staging process. So don’t waste any time, grab those supplies and start creating your perfect indoor space!


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