Cabinet refinishing: to stain or to paint?

Cabinet refinishing is a perfect way to update your kitchen’s look without the work and cost of a full renovation overhaul. Often cabinet refinishing focuses on a new colour, but there’s also the option to stain your wood cabinets. When deciding between the two, it can be hard to know which is best.

New Look Cabinets and Interiors in Calgary offers professional paint and refinishing services. They share some tips for choosing between painting or staining your cabinets:

Paint for a clean new look

If you want to change your kitchen’s look and wipe away the old, painting is the way to go. With all the available colours and shades, you can give your kitchen a modern or contemporary new look. Your cabinets can become bold, focal features or blend into the room’s décor with the right colour. Paint itself is thicker than stain, so it covers the cabinet’s natural knots and wood grains. As a result, the focus is on the colour of the cabinets, rather than the texture of the wood.

Stain to accent natural features

Staining doesn’t cover up the natural wood grain of wood cabinets the way paint does. If you love the rustic and traditional look of your cabinets, use a stain instead. It’ll help draw out any natural features as the stain will be absorbed into the surface and enhance the wood. Stains also come in just a wide range of colours, so you still get that full array of customization options. You can make the cabinets lighter or darker to still suit the rest of your kitchen’s look and style. With kitchens that have a focus on traditional styles and colours, staining is a great match.

Consider the rest of the kitchen

Before deciding on one or the other, take the rest of your kitchen’s décor and scheme into mind. What type of flooring, countertops, or backsplash do you have? Are the floors natural wood, the countertops dark, or the backsplash a colourful mosaic? You still want to have a unified appearance to your kitchen and not have the cabinets stand out in a bad way. If your kitchen is lighter overall, pairing dark cabinets can make a striking contrast. Choosing a lighter stain or paint colour to match is also an attractive style.

You can also mix and match the looks to get the best of both options. Use paint on the top cabinets and apply a light shade for a bright contrast and to create a sense of spaciousness. Then, on the lower cabinets or kitchen island, use a stain to enhance the natural wood. That way, you get the perfect balance between light and dark and both styles of cabinet refinishing.

For help choosing the right colours for your kitchen cabinets, talk to the pros at New Look Cabinets.

Cabinet Refinishing in Calgary

New Look Cabinets and Interiors  bring time, respect, experience, and skill to every job they do. You’ll have a positive experience throughout your project, and will be thrilled with the professional results. They can help with cabinet refinishing, painting, interior painting, and more to help make your home a space you can love and enjoy for years to come.

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