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Your furnace keeps your home cozy during the chilly Alberta winters. However, like any other appliance or mechanical system, it can wear out and break down over time. [...]

Spark Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. are local HVAC experts who offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Their HVAC technicians are trained to the highest safety, quality, and [...]

If you have an older, inefficient furnace or are constantly calling for furnace repairs, it might be time for a replacement! Furnace replacement companies will help you purchase [...]

DR Heat & Air Ltd. is a family-owned business serving Calgary since 2004. They strive to find the best solutions for your home comfort needs by developing a [...]

Your heating and cooling make up for a significant portion of your overall energy bill. As major energy users in the home, investing in new energy-efficient HVAC equipment [...]

Regular furnace maintenance is critical to the efficiency, safety and longevity of your HVAC system. At a minimum, you should contact a reputable furnace repair company in Calgary [...]

A furnace breakdown is life-altering in the winter. It will throw off the whole day and can’t be ignored. Whether the breakdown is an emergency or not, there [...]

It is, no doubt, essential to ensure your home’s furnace is in good working order for any Canadian home. The furnace is an integral part of home comfort. [...]

Whether homeowners notice a furnace needs replacing in the summer or winter, getting on top of the installation as soon as possible is essential. This will help ensure [...]

The furnace is the lifeblood of many Canadian homes. These are essential appliances which, although usually hidden, play a significant role in our home comfort. Even outside of [...]