Benefits of booking fall maintanence for your furnace

Winter is right around the corner. That means it’s definitely time to call your HVAC contractor. With colder weather coming soon, you want to be sure your furnace is in good working order well before heading into the heating season.

In this article, DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. in Port Coquitlam shares some benefits of booking fall maintenance for your furnace.


The last thing you want you or your family to experience is a cold home because of a furnace malfunction. Besides the discomfort, this can lead to illness as well. One of the best ways to help ensure a warm home through the winter is to book fall maintenance for your furnace and HVAC system. Things like a cracked heat exchanger or dirty burners can also be a safety hazard. When you schedule fall maintenance for your furnace, you help keep your home and all who live inside safe and comfortable.

DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. uses a 19-point inspection system for safety and service checks for all its clients! They will ensure your furnace is in the best condition possible before the winter begins!

Energy savings

You can save on energy consumption and bills when you ensure your furnace is working at its best with a fall maintenance appointment. A furnace running smoothly and without build-up means a furnace that uses less energy to do its job. As a result, you’ll see lower utility bills. You’ll also be doing a little more to help the environment.

DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. will check all furnace parts and components to ensure nothing is about to fail or isn’t performing as it should. They commit to always putting their customers first and offer cost-effective solutions for your HVAC system!


When you schedule a tune-up every fall, before your furnace does its work each winter, you help support its life. Depending on the make and model of your furnace, its life expectancy is about 12-20 years. However, your furnace will not last as long as expected if not maintained properly. Plus, many furnace warranties require maintenance check-ups to keep warranties valid.

DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. uses its precision heating maintenance service to support the longevity of your furnace! On top of this, when you schedule a tune-up with them, you lower the risk of needing more heavy-duty repairs down the road.

HVAC Companies in Port Coquitlam

DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. offers fast service and competitive pricing for all your HVAC needs. This company is also dedicated to reliable service for all its customers. They offer a wide range of HVAC services for the Vancouver area. In addition, they provide a full roster of energy-efficient HVAC products to suit the needs of their clients — and their commitment to customer service shows! DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. boasts over 1,000 online reviews with a 4.9-star rating!

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