How Electric Woods can take the stress out of your home renovation

Hiring the right contractor may be the most crucial step when you’re ready to begin a home renovation. After all, we’ve all heard stories about kitchen renovations that didn’t turn out how homeowners had hoped. Or worse, work that didn’t get finished at all. That’s why it’s essential to research general contractors in Edmonton and choose a company you know you can trust!

Electric Woods is a full-service general contracting company with an outstanding reputation. They share more about how smooth and easy your home renovation process will be when you choose them.

Project Management

When you hire Electric Woods for your home renovations in Edmonton, they will take care of the entire process from start to finish! Electric Woods offers complete project management for all its home renovations. This means they will begin by creating a thoughtful design for your renovation based on your individual needs. From there, Electric Woods will manage all trades involved in your renovation. They will also secure any permits you may need. Finally, they will ensure all completed work surpasses industry standards. Owner Sean O’Brien also personally oversees each project as the primary project manager. With his experience and expertise, as well as his team’s, you can’t go wrong!

Open communication and transparent pricing

The last thing any homeowner wants is to receive a bill after their kitchen renovations in Edmonton are complete, which is higher than expected. Unfortunately, this can happen within the home renovation industry on any project type when homeowners don’t research general contracting companies first.

However, when you choose Electric Woods, you can rest assured there will never be any surprise costs. This company commits completely to open communication and transparent pricing. As a result, you will always know how much your home renovation will cost before any work begins. They’ll ensure there is a contingency budget for any unforeseen issues in the renovation. For example, finding mould behind a wall. That way, you can prepare mentally and financially for any mishaps.

If there is any part of your renovation you’re unsure of, the team at Electric Woods will communicate openly and effectively. You’ll always feel confident you understand each step of the renovation process, including timelines. And there will never be any hidden costs in the end.

Certifications and credentials

When you are doing research for a home renovation contractor, background checks are essential. You want to be sure the company you work for is in good financial standing and has proper insurance and WCB coverage. You also want to know they have a proven track record for completing excellent work.

However, doing all this research yourself can be time-consuming. You can reduce your research time when you hire a contractor with top certifications and credentials. Electric Woods is a RenovationFind Certified company and an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau! All RenvoationFind Certified companies go through extensive legal and financial background checks. They are also vetted for insurance and WCB coverage. Plus, RenovationFind monitors all their companies with a third-party monitor that keeps up to date on customer reviews. So, in other words, when you choose Electric Woods, you’re choosing a company backed by excellent certifications!

Call Electric Woods today to begin your next home renovation!


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