Renovation ideas to expand your living space

Whether you have a small living space or just want to maximize the space you have, there are various small space design tips and tricks you can use to make your space larger. Truly, you can expand any room in the house with the right design. This process only gets easier when you have a general contractor to help!

Electric Woods will know precisely how to maximize your living space. Here, they offer some ideas you can implement.

Smart Storage

Storage can take up a lot of space. This is especially true when it comes to cabinets. Instead of going with a more common cabinet design, consider installing taller cabinets. For example, for kitchen renovations in Edmonton, taller cabinets can go a long way in maximizing space. When you need more storage space but don’t want to take up all the eye-level space you have, upper cabinets that stretch to your ceiling are an option! They will free up countertop space, and that clutter can really make a room look smaller. This way, you’ll have more storage options for things like small appliances and extra dishes as well!

Keep it light

When renovating any room in your home that you want to feel more significant, stick to light and bright colours. Bright paint colours and light furniture and appliances will create a more open, expanded feel. In your kitchen and bathrooms, choose light-coloured countertops and sinktops. Dark window treatments can also weigh down a small living room and give a closed-in feel.

Electric Woods will use their design knowledge to expand the space in any room in your home! They offer home renovations in Edmonton that will make the rooms in your home feel bright, light and airy!

Let the sunshine

Installing more windows in your living space will definitely provide expansion. Large bay or bow windows are excellent for creating a sense of spaciousness. After all, they will bring much more light into your room. And again, light truly helps a room feel more expansive. Bow windows, consisting of several angled units, will increase your interior space. Another option is to add a skylight. Skylights will let in a flood of natural light. They will help open up a room and make it feel larger.

Electric Woods can assess your current space and suggest where to add windows. As general contractors in Edmonton who have designed and renovated many living areas, they can propose where a skylight might go. They can also suggest if bay or bow windows may be an option.

Ready to renovate? Call Electric Woods today!

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