Smart Automation to Upgrade your Home

We’ve seen significant growth in the home automation industry in recent years. This growth has led to more affordable and accessible smart home features for homeowners everywhere. So forget needing to be super tech-savvy or extremely wealthy to enjoy the benefits of smart technology in your home. When you use an experienced contractor to suggest and install new smart home features, you’ll have many options at your fingertips!

Nelcan Electric in Vancouver shares more on some smart home upgrades they can install in your home.

Lighting and Shades

Energy efficiency is no longer just a buzzword. In reality, homeowners are all looking for more ways to save on energy bills and reduce consumption. They also want to make a positive impact on the environment. This is where smart home automation comes in. Installing smart dimmers, occupancy sensors for lights, light control systems, and smart shading solutions provides many benefits. From reducing energy use to increasing system performance, hiring an electrician to install lighting and shade features will increase the energy efficiency in your home. Not to mention, these features will also add style and offer a new way of living.

Neclan Electric uses Lutron to install lighting controls and motorized shades. Lutron has continued to offer light control solutions for more than fifty years! With Neclan Electric and Lutron, you can’t go wrong!

HVAC control and smart thermostats

Today, smart home automation goes far beyond lighting and shades. HVAC technology has improved to include smart home features as well. These features allow you to control your home’s temperature, even when you’re not home! You can adjust your indoor heating and cooling system from your devices instead.

For smart thermostats, Neclan Electric uses Nest. Neclan Electrtic also uses Lutron HVAC control for HVAC systems. Together, these two systems work seamlessly. Call Neclan Electric today to see how they can upgrade your HVAC system.

Home Audio & Theatre

You can also modernize your home audio system and home theatre with smart home automation. Whether you need to turn down the music or your movie, you can now control these things from a device other than your phone. These new smart features will bring your home into the future.

Neclan Electric uses SONOS controllers, sound and power to bring automation into your home. With Sonos, Neclan Electric can mount an iPad in a central location in your home. From there, you can use this interface to control your audio system.

Electricians in Vancouver

Neclan Electrical is ready to help with all your electrical needs! They offer transparent pricing and use only friendly and knowledgeable certified electricians. Their residential services include renovations, panel upgrades, maintenance and repair. They also provide EV charger installation as well as smart home automation. On the commercial side, Neclan Electrical also provides data infrastructure, strata maintenance and tenant improvement services. They remain committed to eco-responsibility and offer top-of-the-line, energy-efficient, locally-made products that last.

Call Neclan Electrical today!

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