Electricians in Vancouver

The safe guide to troubleshooting power outages in your Home or Condo

Blog written by TDR Electric in Vancouver Have you ever had the power go out in your home, and you’re not sure why? Here’s a quick and safe guide for you [...]

The advantages of an outdoor lighting upgrade

Exterior lighting plays a significant role in security, safety, and aesthetics too. With more people spending time at home in outdoor living spaces, [...]

Why you should invest in roof deck insulation

There are many parts that make up a roof system, and each plays a key role in safety and energy efficiency. Often the shingles, roof colour, or material are [...]

Why you might need an electrical service upgrade

In today’s modern age, we use more electricity in our homes than we used to. For one, the use of electric devices such as televisions, home theatre [...]

Home Projects an Electrician Can Help With

Electricians can fix and maintain your home’s electrical system year-round. No matter the home project, they are there to keep the system running [...]

Hire an electrician to handle kitchen appliance circuits  

Kitchens are one of the main rooms in a house that will use a lot of energy daily. That's why Canadian Electrical Codes (CEC) have specific requirements to [...]

An Electrician Can Help Your Business Save Energy

When your business saves energy, it will also save money and that’s better for your bottom line. Though replacing some of your electrical systems and [...]

Security and Outdoor Lighting

Written by TDR Electric in Vancouver Safety and security around your home and business are of great importance at TDR. This is why we can help install [...]

Home Standby Generators

Written by TDR Electric in Vancouver Standby Generators are becoming increasingly more common in businesses and residential homes. A standby generator, [...]

Electric Vehicle Chargers (EVC)

Written by TDR Electric in Vancouver As the use of electric vehicles becomes more prominent in Vancouver, so is the need for Electric Vehicle Chargers. [...]