The advantages of an outdoor lighting upgrade

Exterior lighting plays a significant role in security, safety, and aesthetics too. With more people spending time at home in outdoor living spaces, exterior lighting becomes essential.

Rigid Electric in Vancouver offers full-service electrical installations and repairs for your home or business. They share the advantages of investing in an exterior lighting upgrade.

Improve the function of your outdoor spaces

Having exterior lighting can make your outdoor living spaces more functional. Having attractive mood lighting will increase your enjoyment of the outdoor space. Take it a step further by providing illumination to areas you spend time in. These areas could include your patio, deck, and fire pit area. If you’re enjoying a meal on your deck or a cozy night by the fire, you’ll appreciate the outdoor lights.

Improve home security

Lighting plays a significant role in deterring intruders. Anyone curious about your home will think twice if they’re caught by an outdoor light on a motion sensor. Plus, having a few lights on in your yard will make it look like someone is in the space. Whether that is true or not, it can deter trespassers.

Improve safety

Exterior lighting can improve visibility and safety. Walk safely when coming home in the dark, or when spending time outside in the evening. A well-lit path will prevent tripping and stumbling. Having fixtures mounted near stairs, along pathways, and outdoor walls will ensure you can see where you’re going.

Improve aesthetics

If you’ve invested in landscape design, exterior light design can only elevate it. Use outdoor lighting as accent lighting to highlight special features like a water fountain or a beautiful tree. Outdoor lighting can create ambiance and make your yard feel like a welcoming living space. Ask Rigid Electric about solar powered exterior lighting. These extra lights can create an ambient glow at night, fueled by the sun during the day.

Improve property value

Curb appeal that includes professional landscaping and exterior lighting will boost curb appeal. It adds beauty to your home and can help attract potential buyers in the future. The aesthetics of beautiful exterior lighting is attractive, and so is the security and safety it provides.

Electricians in Vancouver

Rigid Electric is a full-service electrical contractor serving Vancouver and the surrounding areas. They can assist with any aspect of residential and commercial electrical installations. With years of professional experience, they will be able to troubleshoot any issues or help you maintain your property’s electrical system. Whether you’re doing a renovation, building a new home, need repairs, or want to upgrade – trust the knowledgeable professionals at Rigid Electric.

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