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Spray foam is one of the best options for a renovation, upgrade or construction project, and it has several benefits. For example, spray foam offers premium energy efficiency and [...]

Spray foam insulation is one of the best options for insulating your home or business. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your insulation or working on a new build, [...]

Insulation is vital to your home’s energy efficiency and thermal performance. Without good insulation, your home will struggle to keep cool in the summer months and stay warm [...]

In some cases, contractors can add blow-in insulation over existing insulation in the attic. However, there are some instances where an insulation contractor must remove the insulation in [...]

Upgraded insulation can drastically increase your home’s thermal performance, reducing energy consumption and lowering energy bills. Whether you choose blow-in insulation or spray foam insulation in Winnipeg, an [...]

Ice dams can be a problem in Winnipeg but are common in older homes. When that ice builds up on the edge of your roof, it can cause [...]

Spray foam insulation in Winnipeg is increasing in popularity for residential applications. It has an excellent R-value, acts as a vapour barrier, and offers an airtight seal. In [...]

Energy efficiency and thermal performance are becoming more important for homeowners. And more homeowners are considering R-value when opting for green home upgrades. What is R-Value? This insulation [...]

When a lot of older homes were built, energy was cheap, and energy efficiency and consumption just weren’t a main concern. As a result, contractors used materials to [...]

Your home’s insulation helps with many things. For example, soundproofing and fire-proofing. Insulation also helps with your home’s temperature regulation. In other words, if you have old insulation, [...]