Choosing a Roofing Contractor in Calgary

Faster_wear_of_asphalt_shingles_along_eaves If you’ve noticed your shingles are starting to curl and break away from your roof, visible damage or detect a leak, it is time to get a new roof. Read 6 signs you need a new roof.

Maybe you need to roof a brand new home or have a couple of skylights installed in your existing roof.  Either way, hiring the right roofing contractors in Calgary will ensure the job is done properly and backed by a solid warranty.

Professional roofers in Calgary that are RenovationFind certified are quick to overcome unforeseen challenges and have mastered the trade, ensuring a high quality finished product every time and offer good warranties on their roofs. Learn how to hire a residential roofing contractor.

12 Reasons to Choose a Calgary Roofing Contractor from

Transferrable workmanship warranties: Most roofing contractors will offer a written lifetime (30-50 years) and fully transferable warranty.  That kind of warranty is hard to beat!

Calgary-owned and operated: Roofers in Calgary know the city intimately, including its climates and communities. Being rooted in Calgary also means that if you have an issue that needs fixed immediately, they will be there quickly to do the job!

Properly trained roofing installers: All roofing installers carefully selected, they are put through extensive training and are continually monitored to ensure that all installations are meeting high standards.

Properly installed underlayment: In order for the roof to be watertight, the underlayment has to be installed properly.  Your roofing contractor will make sure the underlayment is in place before they send out the roofing installers to complete the job.

Using the best materials: Good roofing companies will not cheap out on materials.  Other roofing companies might have rock-bottom pricing, but are their materials good quality?  Poor quality shingles can result in premature warping, curling and extreme granular loss.  You won’t have to worry about your roof deteriorating.

Starting on time, finishing on time. Home renovations can be intrusive to your daily life.  It’s important your roofing contractor is punctual and works within the proposed schedule before moving onto their next job.

Great pricing: When it’s time to do any home renovation, the first thing you ask is ‘How much is this going to cost?’  Rest assured that Calgary roofers on RenovationFind have competitive prices without compromising quality products and excellent workmanship.

Thorough work-site clean up: Once the job is complete, the area around your home and yard will be cleaned of any debris or other materials.

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