Choosing Decking Material

There are many benefits to adding a beautiful deck to your home or replacing an older or rotting deck. Not only will you create a place to spend time with family, relax or to entertain guests, you will also increase your home’s value and it’s aesthetic appeal. There are many different deck surfaces to choose from and each have their pros and cons. Bond Contracting and Construction Inc. in Calgary shares information about the most popular decking materials so you can build a deck that best fits with your needs and lifestyle.

Pressure Treated Wood Decking

pressure treated decking (800x600)One of the biggest advantages of using pressure treated wood for your new deck is that it is probably the most affordable option compared to other types of lumber and composite decking material. It’s strong, holds up to wear and tear and requires minimal maintenance. The chemicals used in pressure treated lumber keeps bugs away and should deter rotting. Homeowners can help increase the lifespan of their pressure treated deck by cleaning it each spring with a pressure washer and giving it a coat of wood preserver or stain every few years.

Not all pressure treated wood is created equal. Cheaper pressure treated lumber might have more knots, be holding moisture and will be more likely to shrink unevenly and warp when it dries. Bond Contracting and Construction will ensure the pressure treated lumber used on your new deck is premium grade, containing fewer knots and a straighter grain.

Cedar Decking

If you’re looking for a beautifully rich and natural looking wood than cedar should be on the top of your list. It is rot resistant and since it doesn’t absorb as much moisture as other woods, it provides a flat and straight surface that is less likely to twist and split. Expect to pay a bit more for cedar decking as it is slightly more expensive than pressure treated lumber, but less expensive than composite decking.

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If you want your cedar decking to keep its rich colour, you must clean and reseal it every few years. If you are very meticulous with cleaning, staining and the odd board replacement you could get 25 years out of a cedar deck. Cedar is also a softer wood so it can get dinged and scratched with heavy traffic or by dragging barbeques and deck furniture across the surface, so you will have to be more careful with it.

Composite Decking

trex deck (800x600)Bond Contracting & Construction offers Trex decking and a variety of other new composite decking materials. If you want a deck that is virtually zero maintenance, then composite decking is the right choice for you. These materials are generally made up of recycled plastic combined with wood chips or sawdust. It will never split or warp like wood decking materials, never need to be sanded or stained and can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

You can choose from a variety of colours, textures and styles. Composite decks are more expensive option, but other than it fading slightly in the sun over the years, you will never have to worry about maintenance and it will last for years to come.

Build Your New Deck!

Bond Contracting & Construction is a Calgary renovation company that offers a full range of professional residential home renovations including kitchen renovations, basement development, bathroom remodeling, whole home renovations and deck building. If you would like to expand your living space with a new deck this season, contact them for a free design consultation and book your deck construction today!

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