Choosing the right interior door for each room

It’s not only front doors that deserve all the attention when outfitting your home. Interior doors play just as much of a difference in function, style, and appeal. Picking the right door is important, so consider all your options before buying.

Hallmark Doors Ltd. in Edmonton is a professional interior residential door company. They share some tips when it comes to choosing the perfect door for any room:

Door tip: don’t open into a hallway

Avoid an outward swing if you have a door located in a hallway or corridor (like a bedroom or bathroom). When choosing a door, you can select a right-hand or left-hand swing which determines which way the door opens and closes. A door that swings open into the hallway creates an awkward block that prevents traffic flow. The door should swing inwards to prevent this, but if the room is too small, consider a bypass or bifold door instead.

Bypass or bifold: closets, laundry room, pantry

Bypass doors allow one of the doors to slide in front of the other instead of swinging open. Bifold doors open by folding back in sections (usually down the middle) to open the door. Both slide open to the side, making either door a great option for rooms where space is a factor.

For example, closets commonly have a bypass or bifold door for easy access, and so do smaller pantries. Powder room bathrooms are another great option for installing a bypass door. Storage and laundry closets can benefit from a bifold door that allows easy entrance without any doors blocking the appliance you’re trying to use!

French doors: living room, deck, office

French doors have a solid frame but are decorated with one or more transparent panels. Depending on your design goals, the panels can vary in size and be foggy or translucent. Thanks to the design of these doors, they help maximize light into a room and can offer a pleasant view of the outdoors from one room to the next.

French doors connecting the dining room to the living room allow that natural flood of extra light. Home offices can also be paired with these doors and given a foggy glass to balance privacy with a stylish entrance and to help make the room appear larger. If your home has a deck, exterior French doors are also popular to provide a view, easy deck access and more sunlight. 

Barn doors: den, playroom, TV room

These doors lend a popular rustic or modern farmhouse element to your home. The doors are installed on a rolling frame that slides open like a sliding door. From a design focus, barn doors can be added to most rooms to add that appealing rustic element. Otherwise, dens, playrooms and TV rooms are great candidates for a barn-style door. The doors can be left open as needed or closed for privacy, but it looks visually appealing either way. Painting the barn door an eye-catching colour is another great way to add some fun to your TV or kids’ playroom space.

Interior Doors in Edmonton

Hallmark Doors brings over 40 years of experience and skill in building, customizing and installing interior doors. They supply high-quality interior, closet, and barn doors with various hardware to dress up or tailor the look. Whatever door you need, their team has the solution.

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