Combine kitchen design trends with eco-friendly options  

Going green doesn’t always mean that you have to choose between a dream kitchen or a more sustainable one. Sustainable kitchen renovations are as easy to incorporate as that new tiled backsplash you’ve always wanted. Better yet, you get the look of a trendy new kitchen design and reap the benefits of sustainability at the same time!

O’Brien Contracting Ltd. in Vancouver are a professional home renovation company that specializes in green initiatives. They share some ways to combine trendy kitchen designs with eco-friendly options:

Open concept – engineered hardwood flooring 

Open floor concepts are popular in many home layouts, but it is a particularly popular trend when it comes to kitchens. Not only does it open up more space in the room, but it encourages conversations even while cooking and preparing food. Of course, with open concepts comes lots of open flooring too.

Hardwood flooring is still an agelessly popular choice to have in the kitchen and easily creates a sleek and dramatic look. For an eco-friendly option, engineered hardwood flooring is a perfect choice. It’s sustainable, durable and safe to use in kitchens since water damage won’t be an issue.

Kitchen island – engineered quartz countertops

In more and more kitchen designs, islands are being used as the main focal feature point. Single level islands, in particular, are a great way to add more prep space and storage space without relying on wall cabinets. It’s also a great way to create a dining and socializing space, especially if your family isn’t one for formal dining room sit-downs.

When it comes to countertop choices, quartz is still the highest-ranking choice. It’s both non-porous, so there is no risk of stains, plus it’s a durable and stunning choice of material. For an eco-friendly option, engineered quartz is the way to go. As an abundant material, the environmental impact to source and make the countertops is very low.

LED lighting – energy-efficient appliances

This popular option comes eco-friendly all on its own. In addition to a much longer life span and increased energy efficiency, LED lighting is also a financial investment. In addition to changing your lighting, it’s also worth swapping in energy-efficient appliances. Not only will you save double by using less electricity and water, but it also helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Star certified products and appliances is the place to look for eco-friendly options. The symbol means that the product has been certified as saving both energy and money and helping the environment.

Coloured cabinetry – low VOC paints

A major change in kitchen design is saying hello to colours. The idea behind the colour choice is to make a statement with your cabinets. Popularly, that means using deep blues or greens or even being really bold and opting for black cabinets. Matching either two-toned colours or using accent pieces with pops of colour with those cabinets is the way to go now. Look at these timeless kitchen colour schemes for some creative inspiration.

Luckily, adding a new layer of paint is no problem, just as is choosing an eco-friendly paint option. VOC or volatile organic compound is a chemical usually found in most paints. If you’ve ever painted and smelled that new paint smell, you’ll recognize the chemical. Unfortunately, VOC is both harmful to people and especially to the environment. That being said, there is the option to buy low or no VOC paint. By removing the harmful chemicals, you can still get colourful cabinets, without environmental harm.

Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver

O’Brien Contracting Ltd. is a professional renovation company dedicated to making greener and more sustainable buildings. Their goal is to help you create a more sustainable and efficient home, while still providing the highest quality of service and work. When you work with them, you can be sure that your home will become a greener, dream home. 

Don’t hesitate to contact O’Brien Contracting for any questions or renovations!

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