Questions to ask a prospective contractor

Written by Peak Improvements in Edmonton

Important Questions for Any Prospective Contractor

Get professional results when working with a qualified Edmonton contractor. As homeowners are investing time and money into a home renovation project, it is just good rule of thumb to get a better understanding of the experience and expertise of a contractor and what their process looks like. This can serve to minimize potential disruptions, while giving a homeowner an idea of the results to expect for similar projects and the type of communications that can occur throughout the home renovation process.

Homeowners happy with the end results of a home renovation project have often worked with a contractor that was the right fit. Now is the time to speak up and get the answers needed to create an informed shortlist of qualified contractors that fit the bill. Use the following information for an easier interview process and weed out those contractors that do not meet specific standards.

Qualifications of Your Edmonton Contractor

Work with a highly qualified contractor for the completion of a home renovation project. Get to know which qualifications and licenses are possessed by a contractor. Protect the equity in your home and ensure that the team selected is properly certified. This can make for a smoother renovation process and fewer potential issues. Now is not the time for amateur hour. A few questions that are helpful at this initial phase are:

– Do you carry general liability insurance?
– Does your business license cover Edmonton and the surrounding area?
– As a licensed pre-paid contractor, are you registered with service Alberta?
– Do you have valid worker’s compensation insurance?

Homeowners may need to pay more to complete projects with a contractor that can answer in the affirmative. But it is well worth it as the contractor is taking the steps necessary to perform professional work and ensure the safety of team members involvement as well as your investment.

Previous Experience

Is the contractor new to the type of project desired or do they have a portfolio that showcases their expertise. A homeowner interviewing a contractor can feel confident knowing that they are not the first to ask to view a contractor’s portfolio or ask for references. Both are helpful in understanding what it may be like to work with a specific contractor and the end results to be expected. Some questions worth asking a contractor are:

– How long have you been in the home renovation business?
– Why have you chosen to work with your present company? Which other companies have you worked with?
– Can you tell me about a few issues that have come up on past projects and how they were addressed?

Problems may occur on any home renovation project that are outside the control of the contractor. Asking more about challenges can provide insight on which contractors have a proactive approach and can still meet the goals of a homeowner.

Processes and Surprise Expenses

Know more about how a contractor works and brings the project to completion. Inquire about details such as:

– Are subcontractors hired to complete portions of the project? What is the vetting process for them?
– Can you show me an example of the breakdown of how the scope of work is determined?
– What are the steps performed to ensure that the project is completed within the time frame given and on budget?
– Who do I contact with questions and do they prefer emails, text or a direct call?
– What happens if there are changes that occur while in the middle of the project?
– Will I be expected to lay out more money than what is given as the final cost of the project?

These questions can help a homeowner learn more about who will be working on a project and how a contractor will handle potential changes.

Clear Communications Every Step of the Way

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