Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen renovations are the most popular renovation. Kitchens are considered the “Heart of the Home”. It is a place where you cook, dine, entertain, relax and spend time with family. A kitchen needs to function and flow with the rest of the home as well as be beautiful and stand out on its own.

Cabinets are the foundation of a kitchens look and function. They are the practical component of your kitchen, allowing for customization tailored to your family’s needs. Kitchen cabinets are a great place to showcase your personal design flare. Cabinet trends vary from year to year and we are currently seeing a high trend of contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Characteristics of Contemporary Kitchen Cabinetry

Contemporary kitchen design is all about clean lines, focusing on balance between open and closed spaces. There are sleek with gleaming surfaces. Words to describe contemporary cabinets would be clean, streamlined and modern. Contemporary cabinets are generally minimal and do not have a lot of ornamentation like decorative trims or faux finishes.

You can choose from a variety of materials when it comes to contemporary cabinets. Wood, aluminum, glass, and stone can all be incorporated into your design. Another popular finish is a natural material with a gloss finish applied. Hardware is also a very important component in contemporary design. Shapes like circle, squares and straight lines go well with these cabinets.

Though most contemporary kitchen designs use basic color schemes, like wood-tones, whites and grays, many homeowners are making bold colour choices that are creating vibrant and trending kitchens that make a big statement. One big trend is to choose contracting colors like white cabinets doors throughout the kitchen with a bright blue island. It might seem too daring at first, but this kind of creative kitchen design will become a focal point you will love.

Why Choose Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets?

If you are looking for a kitchen design that feels spacious and clean, then contemporary cabinets are a good choice for you. Simple designs with flat surfaces and clean lines make the contemporary look a refreshing one.

A major benefit of installing contemporary kitchen cabinets is that they are ideal for small kitchens or kitchens with tight spaces. The flat surfaces help open up the room which allows for cabinets to be taller and allow for more storage space.

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