Creating the Perfect Basement Suite

Basements are a great bonus space in any home. Whether it be for storage, an extra living space, or a place for guests to stay, the possibilities are endless. Something homeowners can do with their basement space is turn it into a suite, whether it be simply for guests or to rent out to bring in more money. Here are some tips for creating the perfect basement suite, from the contractors at Jeffrey Building Services in Winnipeg.

Maximize storage

Basements aren’t always large. Working with smaller spaces can be tricky, but there are many solutions to give guests or tenants the storage they need. In your kitchen space, custom cabinets may be worth looking into, or built-ins that can be added. There’s also the option of upper cabinetry and open shelving to combine style with functionality.

In the main living space, there are several clever ways to incorporate storage. Different furniture options come with storage incorporated into the piece itself, such as tables with hidden compartments, or TV stands with built-in drawers or shelves. With so many options out there, you have the chance to get creative with the space while still making it functional. 

Use neutral colours

Neutral and light colours are a great option for any space, because it makes matching furniture easier. If you were to paint the walls a bold colour, it may turn off potential tenants or buyers in the future. There are still ways to paint the space to stand out from the rest, such as painting a feature wall a unique colour instead of the entire suite. It’s also good to use lighter colours in basement spaces to light the place up and make it feel more open.

A style that commonly builds on neutral colours is modern, and it’s hard to go wrong with it. White cabinets and neutral stones for countertops can make a space feel clean and will add value to your property. 

Strive for natural light

Building off the previous idea, natural light for a basement space can change everything. Incorporating as many windows as possible will significantly lighten the space up, and make your basement space feel more inviting. If possible, dig deep window wells so you can have larger windows. Remember that all bedrooms and sleeping spaces must have an egress window to be compliant with the building code. 

Share common spaces if necessary

If you have something like laundry in your basement, there are ways to share the space with guests or tenants while maintaining your privacy. Consider a shared hallway leading to a laundry room. Or you can have two separate entrances to maintain distance while still giving both parties access. 

Basement Renovations in Winnipeg

Jeffrey Building Services offers an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication and designing your space. Not only is customer service of the utmost importance, but they make the most of your budget while giving you the quality that comes from a team that loves what they do.

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