The process of solar panel installation

The benefits of converting your home to solar power are many. Switching to a clean, renewable energy source will reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. Excess energy produced by your system goes back into the grid. This will this give a micro-credit on your monthly energy bill. It also means others will be using that extra renewable energy too.

Alberta gets a lot of sunlight! It is one of the best locations on the globe for solar energy production. The City of Edmonton offers a solar rebate program as well. Homeowners who install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system will get $0.40/watt in rebates. This rebate is roughly 15% of the total installation cost.

If you’re ready to go solar, Soltek Roofing and Solar in Edmonton can help. The first step is educating you on everything solar. Read on to learn more about the process of solar installation.

The process of solar installation

Review the home or building’s energy consumption

First, Soltek will review the past energy consumption of your home or building. They’ll determine how much energy you need and if a solar system will overly exceed that need. The Micro-Generation Act mandates that you cannot install a solar system that produces more than 110% of the customer’s historical energy consumption.

Perform a site evaluation

Soltek will check out your home and building and determine the best place to install solar panels. There might be limitations. For example, trees or buildings obstructing the sun could create hurdles. Soltek will look for ways to overcome limitations. They aim to install fewer modules and still produce more energy than average.

You get a proposal

After they’ve determined your historical energy usage and the best place for your solar panels, they’ll put together a proposal. This gives you a chance to ask all your questions about the installation. After the proposal is accepted they’ll move on with the next step.

Apply for permits and rebates

Many permits need to be applied for and obtained to install a PV system. First, they’ll apply for an electrical permit. Then a micro-generation agreement with the wire owner (electrical company). If there are any rebates, like the City of Edmonton rebate, they’ll apply for those as well.


Once all the paperwork is taken care of, Soltek will start the installation process. This stage includes setting up all necessary inspections for the permits. After installation, they’ll give you a full orientation of your new PV system. They’ll show you how to use it and track your energy usage using a mobile app.

Solar Panels in Edmonton

Soltek Roofing and Solar will bring clients a thorough and in-depth knowledge of products and installation procedures. They’ll help you choose the right products and systems for your needs. With Soltek you will get fast, safe, and effective service. Whether you need a new roof or want to switch to a solar power system, they will make the process stress-free and straightforward.

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