Creative ways to add colour to your home

When painting your home, there are plenty of ways to decorate with colour and styles. There are plenty of popular ideas, from single colours walls, a feature wall or an eye-catching front door. It’s just a matter of narrowing down what creative direction to take.

HI-TECH Painting in Calgary is a professional home painting company. They pride themselves on providing top-quality painting projects and results that last for years. Here they share some creative ways to add colour to your home. 

Go bold with trim 

Walls aren’t the only place in a home that deserves eye-catching colour. Inside or out, the trim in your home is an important place to add some colour. You can mix and match colours by painting the door a solid colour and the trim a complimentary choice. On the exterior, painting the window trim with an eye-catching colour that matches the front door is a great combination. It highlights the contours of the home, draws attention, and boosts curb appeal.

Don’t ignore the ceiling

When was the last time you looked up and thought about the ceiling? It often left a simple white and nothing more, but the ceiling is the fifth wall. Giving it some colour is a creative way to add depth, style, appeal, or coziness.

For something bold, consider going bold and painting the ceiling black or dark. That works best in spacious rooms (not the basement!) with plenty of light and room. Doing so helps add that sense of grandness to the room and wow guests. A lighter or pastel colour for smaller rooms will add coziness and warmth to the space. Or, keep it simple and bright with a fresh coat of white paint. 

Colour drench your home

While a relatively new paint trend, done well, it lends a modern look or accents traditional architecture. This idea will paint everything from the trim, doors, crown mouldings, and walls. The trick is to ensure that the furniture and room layout are still complimentary and not overwhelming. For example, if you have a room with dark furniture, go for a lighter colour. Likewise, if you have light décor in a spacious room, a dark, sleek colour works well. Even the exterior of your home can be painted all one colour but consider a different colour for the doors for contrast.

Contrast between adjoining rooms

That works best in rooms that connect to a secondary room, such as a master suite and ensuite or kitchen and dining room. The idea with this theme is to paint the main room one colour and the adjoining a whole different shade. It can be complementary or a different shade altogether. Then, looking between the two rooms creates a creative look as the colours flow through unique spaces. It also helps define the two spaces. If you want to maintain some connection, use the trim to create a subtle link across the home. 

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