Different ideas when cabinet refinishing

If you are undergoing a kitchen renovation, finding ways to save money may be on your mind. Kitchen renovations can be the most expensive renovations to do but can yield the most benefits. If you are in the interest of saving money, something you can do is refinish your existing cabinets. It has many benefits on top of being cheaper. It also saves time and is less work than ripping them out and installing new ones. Here are some different ideas for cabinet refinishing, from Can Do More Painting in Calgary.

Choosing your color palette

One of the first steps when cabinet refinishing is to choose your color. A benefit of cabinet refinishing is that you can choose to do anything you want to match your creative vision. Depending on the look you are going for, there are so many choices. If your cabinets are wooden, you could stain them in a different color to keep that look or go in an entirely different direction. Perhaps you’ll paint the upper cabinets a lighter shade than the lower cabinets to add depth. Maybe you want a pop of color in your cabinets, so you choose something bolder and brighter. It’s ultimately up to you.

Take off some cabinet doors

Something else you may be able to do is to remove some of the cabinet doors. You can have an open shelf look or replace the doors with glass doors.  If you are looking for your space to feel more airy or calm, you could paint the cabinets a lighter color and take off some doors. This way, you can modify the space further and make it feel more open. Having open shelves is a clever way to make a smaller kitchen look larger as the eye naturally goes to the back of the cabinet or shelf. Beware, if you have a hard time keeping things tidy, open cabinets or shelves might not be for you.

Play with textures

Different paints have different textures. Whether you choose to spray paint, lacquer, or stains, each will offer something different. Each will offer a different feel, as well as quality. A more rustic look may be created with a chalkier paint, while a modern look can be achieved with smoother lacquer paint. No matter what you’re looking for, there is paint out there to make it happen.

Cabinet Refinishing in Calgary

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