DIY Deck Building vs. Hiring a Pro

A new deck has many benefits. It will add a usable outdoor living space for cooking, dining, relaxing, entertaining and spending time as a family. It can improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior and boost resale value. When it comes to building a deck addition, many homeowners wonder if they can do the job themselves or if they should hire professional deck builders.

The main reason homeowners might choose to tackle this job themselves is to save money. When you hire deck builders in Calgary, you pay for their knowledge and expertise. An experienced contractor like Bond Contracting & Construction Inc. in Calgary will do a better and faster job than most do-it-yourselfers. They have been building decks for years, have the right tools and equipment to do it efficiently and are well-prepared to tackle any issues if something goes wrong during construction. As knowledgeable craftsmen, they have perfected this skill and will produce flawless, professional results.

Hiring a pro also gives you a design advantage. If you want a deck with a little more of an architectural flare or need a custom deck to fit into a uniquely shaped yard, then hiring a deck building company could save you a lot of time when it comes to creating the design. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of deck you build, you will need to be sure it meets all building codes required by your local municipality and this may require a building permit. When you hire a deck contractor, a building permit could be obtained and met for you.

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If you some construction skills, you could save some money by doing the project yourself. You will have to design the deck, get the building permit, pay for and transport materials and hardware. You might also need to borrow or purchase some tools to get the job done including a miter saw and cordless drive. Buying tools can bring up the price tag.

The biggest factor to consider when building a deck is your time, a good deck building company should be able to complete most decks within a few days. Depending on the project, it could take several weekends to finish the deck. If that kind of time is not something you are willing to commit to, you should hire deck builders in Calgary.

General Contractors & Deck Builders in Calgary

Calgary summers are short, so make the most of your outdoor living space with a custom deck from Bond Construction. Whether you are in need of replacing your existing deck or in need of a custom deck designed to extend your living area to the outdoors, trust the experts at Bond Construction to help you to create an outdoor oasis that matches your unique lifestyle.

Being a deck builder in Calgary, Bond Construction has seen how weather can deteriorate a deck of poor quality and construction over a short period of time. Their use of quality decking materials and railing systems coupled with their expert craftsmanship will ensure that your new deck will stand up to any weather conditions for many years to come.

Choose from pressure treated wood, cedar decking, Trex and many of the new composites, vinyl and aluminum railings with pickets or glass as well as many different types of wood railings. Learn more about choosing decking materials.

Contact Bond Construction today and create your perfect backyard oasis!


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