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You get what you pay for. No matter what you’re buying, if you purchase the most inexpensive option you’re likely getting something cheap that won’t function properly for long and will not last. Cheap, poor quality vinyl windows have given this type of windows a bad reputation for function, durability, and quality. Remember that just because the cheap windows can’t cut it, doesn’t mean that all vinyl windows are bad.

What is wrong with vinyl windows?

If you purchase high-quality vinyl windows, nothing is wrong with them! You’ve made a great choice for durability, function and energy efficiency.

Warped vinyl window frame.
Warped vinyl window frame.

The biggest misconception about vinyl windows is that ALL vinyl windows can’t take the heat and that they will soften, warp and twist if heat builds up within the frame. There is also a worry that they will contract in the cold and leave spaces between your walls and window frame. In older, poor quality vinyl windows, this was the case.

The issue of heat absorption is why most vinyl windows are white or light colours, to keep the heat from absorbing in the frame. You may have also noticed that a lot of newer homes are being fitted with black or dark-framed vinyl windows. This is because knowledgeable window manufacturers have overcome this issue by using quality PVC and master-built window casings that will stand up to the heat and cold and improve your home’s energy efficiency. These windows in Edmonton are double or triple pane with low emissivity, argon gas-filled glass. Not only are they durable, but they’re also easy to clean and are virtually maintenance-free.

An average window replacement for a home can range from $25,000-$35,000. When something goes wrong, the dealer will likely blame the manufacturer. Can you imagine having to spend that kind of money again on windows after just a few short years?

With Pella Windows and Doors in Edmonton, you can rest assured knowing your vinyl windows will not warp or twist and that they will be installed properly. Your investment will be safe and will show returns in energy savings and improved resale value for your house.

How can I be sure my new vinyl windows from Pella are going to last?

Pella Windows and Doors has been manufacturing windows and doors for over 92 years. With nearly a century of experience, dealing with any kind of weather North America can muster, you can bet that they’ve found the best process, system, and products for manufacturing windows, including vinyl. If you are going to buy new windows, trust a company that has been making them longer than your grandfather has been alive.

Other distributors or manufacturers might offer a cheaper product, but you will be getting an inferior product. Choosing a lower price over quality can be a big mistake. It might mean that you will need another window replacement in just a few short years. Plus, purchasing windows from a big box store won’t give you the personalized service through installation and if any issues arise. When you go with Pella, you won’t have to chase anyone down regarding a product, installation or a warranty issue. You’ll have your own representative with you every step of the way and after the project too.

Each of their high-quality windows and doors is produced with attention to detail and serviced by Pella’s qualified Direct Sales Network. They are so sure of their products, that they offer the best warranty in the business. Learn more about their warranties.

Doors and Windows in Edmonton

Pella has been helping customers in Edmonton find beautiful replacement windows for their homes for years. Our collection of wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows offers styles and sizes to fit your needs. Pella offers replacement windows that are meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards and feature styles that fit almost any budget.

Pella Windows and Doors offers free in-home consultations for all window and door questions you may have. When they come to your home, their representatives will bring plenty of information and samples of multiple window types. They will measure all your window and door openings for you and provide a quote for your project at no cost to you.

Get high-quality, energy-efficient windows from Pella Windows & Doors!

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