Fall Yard & Lawn Maintenance

Fall leaves with rake

As we moved into autumn, it’s easy to think that lawn and yard maintenance is less important than it is in the summer months. While your lawn growth has probably slowed down, there are some things you should do before winter hits to ensure your lawn comes back healthy and strong and that your outdoor space is more enjoyable all year.

Here are some tips from Seanic Landscape in Edmonton:

Do some serious lawn maintenance.

Rake your lawn to remove fallen leaves and other debris and make sure to keep your grass clear right until the snow flies. If heavy snow compresses dead leaves it could cause mildew or growth of snow mold in the winter. Your lawn needs to be able to breath.

Fall is also a good time to aerate your lawn. This primes it for fixing damaged parts of your lawn, seeding and fertilizing. You could put a little top soil on areas that could use seeding to help with growth. After you seed your lawn, make sure you fertilize it with a slow-release fertilizer. Be sure to read the instructions and don’t put too much or you could burn your lawn. Thanks to the colder temperatures and the rain, reseeding bare spots is easier in the fall.

Remember that if you are seeding and fertilizing, watering your lawn afterwards is still important!

Plant trees and shrubs.

Fall is the perfect time to add some beautiful trees and shrubs to your landscaping! Seanic Landscape can help you choose the right trees and shrubs for your zone, yard and personal taste. As long as you get this done before the permafrost kicks in, it means those new roots will have a longer season to get established. Be sure to get it in by the end of September.

Clean up your flower beds and prepare for next spring.

Get rid of the remaining weeds or any plants you don’t want growing in your flower beds anymore. If you are interested in doing something new next spring with your garden beds, talk to Seanic Landscape about installing some new planters this fall. Then they will be all ready to go for the spring!

Edmonton Landscapers

Seanic Landscape is a locally owned and operated company specializing in Landscaping construction, maintenance, and watering services. They pride ourselves in taking your vision for your yard or business and making it a reality in a professional, prompt, and creative way. Their services include:

– commercial landscaping & maintenance
– residential landscaping
– watering services
– snow removal

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