Don’t make these basement renovation mistakes

Basement Renovation by Four Elements Construction

Basement renovations in Edmonton can expand your home’s living space. Whether you’re making room for a growing family, need more storage, or want to build a rental suite, you’ll improve property value with a basement remodel. However, just like all renovations, there are some common mistakes you should avoid to protect your investment.

Four Elements Construction are greater Edmonton general contractors. They share some common basement renovation mistakes:

Checking for water issues before the renovation begins

Basements are known for moisture issues. If you build a beautiful new living space on top of a water problem, your investment can be ruined. If a problem occurs, the walls will have to come down or flooring removed to get at it. Even if your basement hasn’t had a flood or isn’t noticeably damp, you should have a professional general contractor like Four Elements Construction inspect it for you. They’ll look for anything that could be a potential issue, ensure the basement has proper drainage, and waterproof the foundation before walls are built.

Choosing the wrong insulation

Insulation in the basement does two important things: make sure the warm air stays in and prevents condensation from building up behind the drywall. Without proper insulation, you can be losing heat and paying more for energy. You can also be setting yourself up for moisture problems that could cause mould and mildew downstairs. Learn more about basement insulation.

Not heating each room properly

Basements are chilly at the best of times, but you don’t want to freeze while enjoying your new and improved living space. If you are remodeling an older basement, it’s possible that the ducts and registers do not go to every room. Before the ceiling is installed, Four Elements Construction will retrofit the HVAC system so ducts are bringing heat to a register in every room in the basement.

Forgetting about natural light

It’s difficult to get decent, natural light in a basement, but not impossible. Replace older, small windows with large windows and dig wide, deep window wells to allow maximum light in the room. If you have bedrooms in the basement, you’ll need large egress windows to meet building code. Just because you don’t need them in the family room or bathrooms, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t install them. You’ll appreciate the natural light and improve safety at the same time.

Avoid these basement renovation mistakes by hiring an experienced, knowledgeable general contractor in Edmonton. Contact Four Elements Construction!


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