Eavestroughs care and repair 101  

Eavestroughs are an important part of your roof plumbing that help catch and direct rainwater safely away from your home to avoid water damage. They can however become clogged with litter, particularly after storms, so they also require regular maintenance and occasional repair. Some repairs for eavestroughs can be easily fixed as a DIY solution, but sometimes the professionals need to be called.

The Gutter Doctor in Calgary can provide exactly that professional service, but they also share their tips when it comes to maintaining your eavestroughs to prevent damage.

Regular cleaning

Unless located directly under any trees, clean your eavestroughs once a year to prevent clogging or overflow. If they are under or near any trees, they require more cleaning in case leaves fall in and get stuck. In this case, they might need to be cleaned twice a year or more.

Clean from a ladder or on the roof to avoid applying pressure to the eavestroughs. If you aren’t comfortable with self-cleaning, call a professional instead to clean them. A professional can also do a quick inspection, to check for any potential damage. Read more about eavestrough cleaning tips.

Leaky joints

Leaks, if left untreated, can lead to more serious damage and problems to your home. Issues such as water damage or foundation damage can occur, if water seeps into the basement or foundation. Leaks can also result from too much pressure on the eavestroughs, such as from clogs or water. Additionally, rusty or old screws and faulty brackets can also be a risk of potential leaks. To fix a leak, using a gutter sealant and rubbing it into the crevice of the leak will help seal it again. If the problem continues or you aren’t sure what the cause is, call in a professional, and they will be able to both identify the cause and fix it.

Low spots

Low spots can also cause leaks and overflows. This happens when the water in the eavestroughs comes to a standstill, because it is unable to flow out. If this is the case, simply raising the low area should solve the problem and let the water flow out. If low spots continue to appear, if may be a problem with the structure of the eavestroughs themselves, which may require a professional to replace them.

Time for a replacement

Sometimes age, lack of maintenance, pre-existing damage to the exterior or interior of a home or a recurring problem may all just be signs that it is time to replace your old eavestroughs. Hiring a professional to do the job guarantees that the installation is done both properly and safely. Old eavestroughs are updated, professional-grade gutter seal is used to prevent future leaks, and customizing the structure ensures it can handle the weight of water or debris. New and professionally installed eavestroughs also ensures that the foundation of your home against water damage.

Eavestroughs in Calgary

When it comes to the best professional care for your home’s exterior, no one is better than the Gutter Doctor. With 16 years of experience, they provide the utmost care and professional installation. They also offer a 5-year guarantee on installations and 2-years on repairs, so you can feel confident with the quality of your repairs.

Contact the Gutter Doctor today, for any future eavestrough repairs or services!

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