Edmonton Locksmiths Can Improve Home Security

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According to the RCMP, break-ins in Edmonton are up by 54%. This is a startling number. Pop-A-Lock Edmonton locksmiths wants to help you keep your homes secure to protect your individual families and improve safety for the city.

Here are some questions for you to consider:

Have you had your locks re-keyed since you moved into your home?
If not, consider how many people may have keys to your home. This increases your risks

Do you have a dead bolt?
There are thousands of residents who live in homes without a working deadbolt, making your home much more attractive to thieves. Have a secure deadbolt installed by one of the best locks and locksmiths in Edmonton.

How good are your locks?
Test them out. Are they lose? Do you struggle with them on a regular basis? Do they provide adequate security? Most homes built before 1980 have inferior locks and newer homes often have low grade, builder supplied locks that are easy to overcome. You should have your locks inspected and replaced by a professional Edmonton locksmith. Learn how to choose a locksmith. 

How secure are your strike plates, and are they the correct strike plate for an exterior door?
Outer door strike plates should have a minimum of four screws two of which should be at least 3.5 inches long.

Is the “man door” on your garage secure?
This is probably the most vulnerable entry point in your home. It provides quick access to coveted items such as bikes, tools and unlocked vehicles and is often overlooked when homeowners upgrade and rekey their other locks.

Do you lock the entry door from your garage?
Many people leave this unlocked and if a thief does gain access to your garage this makes it easy for them also to get into your home. Consider a touch pad here for additional security. This also allows you the option of not carrying (or losing) an extra key.

Is your detached garage secure?
This is another vulnerable point for thieves. Make sure the doors are secured with proper door locks and dead bolts. Ask us about additional ways to secure your garage while on vacation too.

Edmonton Locksmiths

Whether you are looking to rekey your new home or business, upgrade or install new locks and touchpads, secure your garage, or install a floor or wall safe during renovations, Pop-A-Lock’s team of certified locksmiths is reliable, efficient and able to handle any locksmithing job or lockout situation in a timely manner. They also cut and program most automotive locks at a savings of up to 50% compared to the dealers.

Contact Pop-A-Lock in Edmonton today!

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