Energy Efficient Window Coverings

You choose window coverings for their style, visual appeal and coverage but some window treatments could actually help you increase your home’s energy efficiency.  Much of your home’s heat will escape through the window.  In fact, they could be responsible for 10 to 25 percent of your heating bill!  Investing in high quality, energy efficient window coverings will help you keep in the heat this winter, cut your energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.  Sureway Window Fashions Ltd. in Calgary offer aesthetically appealing window treatments that are very energy efficient.


Installing drapes or curtains that were designed with energy efficiency in mind is probably one of the least expensive ways to boost efficiency in your home. They act as a great thermal barrier, keeping the heat inside the house where it belongs instead of letting it drift out the window. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles and can really add to the overall design on your home’s interior.

They can even boost efficiency in the summer months. Keeping the drapes closed on south facing windows will reflect the sun’s rays and it’s heat back outside, before it enters and heats up your living space. Learn more about energy saving curtains.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are one of the most innovative window coverings on the market.  They feature a unique pleated honeycomb-cell construction that provides superior energy efficiency.  The honeycomb shape traps air in the cell creating an insulating barrier between your window and the room.  Cellular shades come in single, double, or triple-celled shades and the more cells there are, the more insulating the shade is.  If you are covering a large window, choose a shade with larger cells.  Larger cells will trap more static air and will be more effective in stopping energy from escaping.

Cellular shades have a pull cord that allows you to raise and lower the shade as needed for privacy and light control.  You can choose to have an opening at the top or bottom of your window to optimize your view without sacrificing your privacy.  The cord holes are not visible and the shades are washable.  They’re very durable, come in a variety of colours and textures and opacities from sheer to let in some light to total blackout.  Cellular shades will give your home a modern, clean and sophisticated look.

Wooden Blinds and Shutters

Wood is a natural insulator and will help reduce your energy costs.  Not only will wooden blinds help insulate your windows, they will also give the room a warm and rich look.  You can adjust the blinds to control the amount of light entering the room, have them match existing wood trims and finishing in your home, are very easy to clean and are resistant to allergens.

Energy saving tip:  close your wooden blinds with the leading edge pointed upwards for maximum efficiency.

Wood shutters are also a good option for energy efficient window coverings.  They are very durable, long-lasting and have a timeless look that will never go out of style.  Good quality wood shutters will also increase the value of your home and like wooden blinds, are not vulnerable to allergens like fabric curtains or drapes.

Sureway Window Fashions have been providing blinds, shades, shutters and drapery to the community for over 30 years and their design consultants can help find the perfect choice for you and your home. They offer services to both residential and commercial clientele.

Find the perfect window treatments at Sureway Window Fashions!


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