FAQs About Concrete Lifting


If you have sunken concrete, you can have it restored at a fraction of the cost of a concrete replacement. Save money, time and energy with concrete lifting!

Have questions? Slab-Jack Kings in Winnipeg have the answers:

What is concrete lifting?

The concrete lifting process starts by drilling small holes in your sunken concrete. Then a polyurethane foam is injected in the hole to fill the void between the concrete and the ground. This void is what is causing it to sink. Afterwards, the holes are patched up and are not noticeable. You’ll just notice how great your restored concrete looks!

Can all sunken concrete be lifted?

In most cases, your sunken concrete can be restored. However, there are some cases when it’s not possible. Usually it can’t be lifted if the concrete is too weak, either by age or faulty installation. The only way to find out is to drill the holes and start the process. If the concrete starts to break, we know it needs to be replaced. Rest assured, in most cases, Slab-Jack Kings can make your concrete look new again.

How long will it take?

This is one of the biggest advantages of concrete lifting over installing new concrete. Your project can be completed in just a few hours! Whether you are working on a driveway, garage floor, patio or sidewalk, it will be done in half a day and can be used within 15 minutes of job completion!

How big will the injection holes be? Will they be noticeable?

Because of the product used (polyurethane foam), the holes can be much smaller than traditional mud-jacking holes. The holes drilled will be just 5/8 of an inch instead of the comparable 1 inch or more. In most cases, this product requires fewer holes too.

When the job is done, the holes will be patched with a dyed hydraulic cement patching material. This material is hard, durable and will make the holes nearly invisible.

Why is polyurethane the better injection choice?

Conventional mud-jacking material is heavy and can put pressure on the unstable soils beneath the concrete slab. Overtime, your concrete will shift and sink again. Polyurethane foam is light. It never loses density and does not shrink. It will get into every nook and cranny of air space beneath your concrete and within underlying soils. The foam binds them together and keeps you concrete firmly in place.

Concrete Lifting in Winnipeg

Slab-Jack Kings has over 35 years of combined experience in the concrete slab and foundation construction. They have expanded our service to include concrete lifting and repair using polyurethane concrete lifting foam. This is a superior alternative to traditional mud-jacking materials. If you want to improve curb appeal and maintain the value of your home, have that sunken concrete repaired!

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