Tips for renovating a small home

If you have a small home, there are certain renovations and home improvements that can help you make the most of the space you have. Build Full Circle Inc. in Calgary share some tips for re-designing and renovating a small space.

Renovate for function first.

Living in a small space can be a challenge. Without a logical and functional layout, you can feel like your home isn’t meeting your regular needs for daily living. Think about how you want to use your home, or a certain space in the home. Do you need a space for a home office or playroom? Do you want to entertain or host guests overnight? Having a goal for how you need your home to function will help you create a design plan for you home renovation.

Make sure you have smart storage solutions.

One of the biggest challenges of living in smaller spaces is keeping things tidy and organized. In a small space, you can run out of places to put things and the home can look crammed and cluttered. Think about how you can create unique storage spaces in every room of the house. Add storage to corners, drawers under furniture and install roll out drawers in your cabinets and pantry. Having a proper place to store your things will make life easier in a small home.

Open concept floor plans make good use of space.

Things like hallways, entry ways and stairwells can take up space in a small house. Are these things necessary, or could you knock out a few walls and extend the functional living spaces? Even removing a non-load bearing wall between a small kitchen and living room can really make the entire space look and feel much bigger.

Make sure there is lots of natural light.

If you have a small house, install larger windows where possible. Having higher windowsill heights will let in more natural light and expand sight-lines in the room. Creating more open views to the outside, and allowing sunlight into the house, can make a small space feel larger and inviting.

Be thoughtful about furniture.

Don’t purchase furniture that is too large for the small space. And, don’t have more pieces of furniture than the space can handle. While it might physically fit, it will look crammed and can make a room feel smaller. If you’re investing in a major home remodel, it’s a good time to go through your furniture and things and decide what you can let go and what you should keep. Is it functional? Do you love it? If it’s nothing special, don’t keep it. You’ll enjoy having the space instead.

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