Fencing Materials: benefits and disadvantages  

Whether you are considering installing a new fence or just replacing an old one, there are many benefits to having a fence. Beyond the obvious privacy and security, a fence can also boost curb appeal and improve your home’s exterior appeal. Additionally, when it comes to choosing the material, each type will offer a different look and feel for your new fence. This means it’s also just as important to know what your fence material options are and which one you want.

Rueben Construction Inc. in Edmonton is a full-service residential company that offers fence installation. They share more information on different types of possible fencing:


This fencing is one of the most popular choices of material among homeowners because of how customizable it is. It can easily be cut to any shape or size and stained any colour, making it easy to match with your home. When professionally installed and with the proper care, wood fencing can easily last for decades. However, wood fencing will require much more maintenance, compared to other options. Regular painting and care will be needed to help avoid rot or wood drying and cracking. Still, wood fencing is one of the more affordable options, with expenses only increasing, depending on the height of your fence.


For a more maintenance-free, yet still affordable and visually appealing option, there is aluminum fencing. Aluminum is also a great alternative to wrought iron fences, as it is both less expensive and is not at risk of rotting or rusting. Aside from basic cleaning to maintain its appearance, this is a low maintenance fence. It is also just as easily customizable in styles and colours and can be installed with spikes on top for an added security boost. Plus, if you have an uneven landscape, aluminum fencing can easily be adjusted to fit the slope of your yard.

If, however, you want a fence that offers full visual privacy, aluminum fences don’t conceal as much as other options.


If you want the look of a wood fence, but without the maintenance, then PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is the perfect solution. The upfront installation costs will be higher than wood, however, it is a long turn investment that pays off. Without the risk of splintering, PVC is a popular child-safe option. It also won’t attract termites or insects and won’t require regular painting and upkeep. Similar to wood as well, PVC is easily customizable for any shape or desired colour. However, because vinyl is vulnerable to extreme temperature changes, it may become brittle with constant hot and cold swings.

Fence Contractors in Edmonton 

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