5 Fencing options for your farm or acreage

You need quality agricultural fencing for your farm or acreage to define the perimeter of your property, protect your livestock and sometimes to keep wild game out of your crops or garden. As one of the most skilled agriculture fence companies in Calgary, First Class Fencing shares some information on fencing options for your property:

Post and Plank or Post and Rail Fencing

Horizontal post and rail fencing is a good choice for your livestock fencing. There are many options when it comes to wood farm fencing in Calgary including horizontal post and plank fencing or post and rail fencing using either wood posts and steel rails or vinyl fencing materials. This type of fencing is a good choice for your horse paddocks and cattle pastures.

High Tensile Wire Fencing

High tensile wire fencing uses smooth galvanized wire, pulled at a very high tension, held by heavy wooden posts. It’s one of the most popular agriculture fencing options and is a good alternative to barbed wire for livestock fencing because it’s difficult for them to break through and it won’t hurt the animals. You can also include some electrical wires to your high tensile wire fence to keep the livestock from leaning or pushing on the fence.

Split Cedar Fencing

If you’re looking for something more unique, consider split cedar fencing. It will give your acreage a rustic look and requires minimal maintenance as your cedar fence will fade to a silvery grey over time. If you want an old-western look for your farm and acreage, split cedar is a good option!

Game Fencing

Property owners choose to install a game fence in Calgary to either keep game out of an area or, if they are a game farmer, to keep their livestock in. A game fence will be 8 to 10 feet tall and are most typically used to keep game like elk, bison and deer in their grazing paddocks.

First Class Fencing uses galvanized wiring at a variety of heights and wire gauges depending on your needs. It will be heavy-duty, durable and long lasting.

Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire fencing is probably the most affordable agriculture fencing option. It’s a cost-effective choice for cattle pastures and perimeter fencing. You can choose from a range of galvanized wire thicknesses and choose the spacing you want between barbs. When constructing your barbed wire fence, First Class Fencing in Calgary will take the upmost care not to disturb your property or land.

For more inspiration, check out these farm fencing ideas.


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