Four-season garden tips and ideas

When people think about their yards, they usually think about spring and summer. What about the rest of the year? With the right care and design, your landscape’s appeal and beauty don’t have to end come winter. Four-season garden designs will wow all year long and boost that curb appeal no matter the season.

Jovak Landscape and Design in Abbotsford are a professional full-service landscape company. They share some tips and ideas for planning a four-season garden design:

Spring: blooming flowers

Focus on plants and flowers that like to bloom early and with bright bursts and ranges of colour. Following the winter, this will help kickstart the start of a beautiful garden year. A great garden tip is to plant perennials that will grow back each year. That way, once you have the perfect garden design, you won’t have to worry about replanting each spring. Don’t just stick to one type or style of plants either; pick a range of complimentary heights, sizes, and colours for an eye-catching array.

Summer: robust flowering plants

Don’t have an entirely green garden after a colourful spring and lose that beautiful colour. There are summer perennials that like to bloom late but are just as colourful as springtime flowers. For a summer design, think about blending bushes with bright leaves with colourful plants. Now that the spring growth burst is over, a clear garden layout is even more important. You don’t want your garden to get away with excessive overgrowth of towering plants. It is also the perfect time to work with a landscaper to create the right layout for your garden and lifestyle. Don’t forget to pick an array of plant species that will attract birds and insects alike for an eco-friendly enhancement.

Fall: trees and colourful grasses

If you want to add trees to your landscape and didn’t in spring, don’t worry, because fall is just as ideal a time. With cooler temperatures and less heat, trees and plants have more energy to establish a stronger root system. They’ll be well established for winter and thrive come spring. Fall is also the time where colours start to change, making trees an attractive addition to own. There are still plants that will grow in the fall, or consider planting colourful ornamental grasses to enhance those fall colours. For some added decorative appeal, use containers and planters. You can move the plants around and still keep them safe come winter should they need to be kept indoors.

Winter: berry focus and ornamental grasses

While you may not get flowers in winter, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still colourful options. Berry-producing trees and plants will add bursts of colour when everything else is looking a little drab. Those ornamental grasses from the fall will also continue throughout the winter, adding earthy colour tones to your garden. The key for a winter design is to have taller plants, like shrubs and trees, mixed with filler plants. Avoiding the sense of dead space will help give your garden a healthy, full look even in the winter. Once you know what you want in a four-season garden, hire a professional landscaper to help. They’ll provide ideas and layouts for the perfect design and tips for what plants will grow best in your area.

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Jovak Landscape and Design is a full-service landscape company that prides itself on quality designs and support. Their professionals provide eye-catching designs, layouts, and ideas for your yard that transform it into a unique feature. Whether you need landscape design, construction, or maintenance help, their professionals are ready and waiting.

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