How to choose the perfect front door

Front doors do more than just allow people in and out; they play a key role in first impressions, curb appeal, and overall value. A good door can protect your home as well, making the final door choice an important one. With all the different styles, looks, and benefits, the choices can feel overwhelming. That’s you should turn to a professional window and door company for help!

Qualiglass Windows and Doors Ltd. in Edmonton provides quality windows and doors. They share some tips and help when it comes to picking the perfect front door design:

Start with the style

Before getting into colours, added features, or materials, start with the door’s basic look and style. Do you want a traditional six-panel look, a sleek and smooth front, or something more traditional like an oval door design? Take a look at what other neighbours have as their door designs and see what you like. Browsing online is another great idea; then once you have a few ideas, compare them with your home. Your door’s new style should complement your home’s look and architectural design.

Size and material

Do you want a single door or a grand, double door entrance? What about a tall and wide doorway or a narrow and simple one? The size of your door is something else to think about, especially if you plan to add extra features like sidelites. Material wise, most doors are made of wood, fibreglass, or steel. Each has its own benefits and considerations.

For example, wood offers that natural appeal and can be stained to enhance its original look. Fibreglass is a great choice for budgets and durability. It’ll last for many years without worry, and it has low maintenance. Steel doors are ideal for energy efficiency and their unbreakable, robust nature. They are also very cost-effective, making them another great budget choice.

Colour and additions

Now that you have the right design and material, it’s time to consider the additional features and colours. Wood doors can be painted or given a veneer, making them easy to customize. You can also choose between different wood species, like oak and mahogany. Fibreglass doors can be painted, so apply a real eye-catching and bold colour for a feature door look. Steel doors can also be painted in any colour. The steel material gives the paint a sleeker finish.

Glass additions are one of the more popular choices and make for stunning and appealing finishes. Sidelites are a great way to turn the door into a feature entrance and invite more natural sunlight into your home. Frosted or stained glass is another idea, with ¼ lites on the top of the door or a full-length glass panel for a luxury appearance.

Doors in Edmonton

For energy-efficient products and quality windows and doors, Qualiglasss Windows and Doors Ltd. is the company to call. They pride themselves on offering top-quality products with top of the line technology. Their professionals strive to only provide their customers with the best there is, including the best customer service and care. With a full range of windows and doors in all styles and for all needs, you can trust Qualiglass Windows and Doors.

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