Four ways to improve your basement

Unfinished basements aren’t an uncommon thing to come across in homes. While the space can be used as storage, it’s not as comfortable to spend time in. Renovating your basement can help to increase your home’s livable space, comfort, and value.

Bettencourt Construction in Calgary shares ways you can finish or renovate your basement into a functional living space:

Add a second family room

Having a second living room in your home is ideal. It gives yourself and your kids somewhere to go if the main living room is occupied. A basement family room can also create a space for spending time together, having movie nights, games nights, or other fun activities. In addition, you can create a cozy living room, sports-themed entertainment centre, or install a complete home theatre system. With more of us spending time at home these days, you’ll appreciate this additional living space. Read more tips for turning your basement into a living space. 

Add a guest room

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you’ve added a home office to your house in the last two years. As a result, you may have lost your only spare bedroom. Finishing or renovating your basement could be the solution. You can add bedrooms for guests or accommodate your growing family. Or, you can use that extra bedroom as your dedicated home office. Either way, an additional bedroom provides ample space and flexibility to accommodate your changing needs.

Set up space for your hobby

The basement is a great area to set up a space for your hobbies. For example, it could be an art studio, workshop, or sewing room. Or, you can build a home fitness room and a place to exercise at home. If you’re a sports fan, convert your basement into a sports-style lounge complete with comfortable seating, large screen TV, and a wet bar. Bettencourt Construction can help you design the perfect basement for your hobbies and lifestyle.

Increase your storage options

Almost everyone feels like they could use more storage space! Your basement can be utilized to provide creative storage solutions. In addition to a regular storage room, you can opt for built-in cabinetry, additional closets and more. Basements can very easily become a dumping ground for things that don’t have a proper space. However, with smart planning and customized storage solutions, it can be a space for storage and comfortable living.

Basement Renovations in Calgary

Bettencourt Construction is a home renovation and handyman services company serving Calgary and surrounding areas. If you’re thinking about a significant renovation, like a basement development, it’s essential to have an experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable contractor on your team. Whatever your vision, Bettencourt Construction has the expertise to get it done with your satisfaction guaranteed.

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