Garage door repairs that you should never DIY

Should I DIY or should I not? It’s a common question that comes up for many homeowners anytime something needs repairing. Some things, like fixing a leaky faucet or minor drywall repair, are fine to DIY. But many other tasks are best left to the pros, such as a garage door in need of repair.

Skyview Windows and Doors Ltd. in Edmonton offer professional installation, replacement, and repairs for garage doors. They share some garage door repairs that you should never attempt to DIY:

Broken door springs 

In a garage door, the spring system is what helps counterbalance the entire weight of the door. This not only supports the door when it’s in use, but it means you can easily lift it manually as well if need be. As with any spring though, eventually, through constant use, the springs will lose their extension. If the spring can’t perform properly, your garage door will start shaking and make straining noises. An old spring will need to be replaced since it cannot be retightened once its lifespan is at its end.

Repairing this is best left to a professional because both proper training and the right tools are needed to replace the spring. You can easily check the state of your springs by lifting the garage door manually. It should lift with little effort, but if not, it’s worth getting it professionally checked.

Broken or slack lifting cables 

Lifting cables are the link between the bottom of your garage door and the spring system. When the garage door opens, the lifting cables wind themselves around a drum, which holds the cables in place. These cables are under very high tension in order to match the total weight of the door, so it’s always best to leave any repairs to a professional. As with any high-tension cables, they are dangerous unless you safely know how to handle them.

The cables can break if they are the wrong size for the door or become slack if the drum is the source of the problem. Misalignment or improper positioning puts the cables at risk because they won’t be able to line up properly.

Misaligned horizontal tracks 

The horizontal tracks for your garage door are what acts as both the guide and the support for your door. They are located on the ceiling and are located at the curved section of the tracks. Problems with the tracks can result from a few different issues. Either the tracks are jammed, bent, old or they were not properly installed. If this is the case, it will cause vibrations each time the door is used. A serious risk of this is that the tracks can become misaligned or even risk jumping the track. If so, your entire door may fall off the tracks.

If this happens, don’t try to fix the door and don’t try to move it. Call in a professional and they will be able to handle the lifting and repair of your door quickly and safely. Remember that preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding serious problems. So, here’s a list of basic garage door maintenance and checks that you can safely DIY. 

Garage Door Repair in Edmonton 

As Skyview Windows and Doors Ltd. your safety is their utmost concern. They offer installation, replacement, and repairs of garage doors, so any needs you have, they can provide. They also offer preventative maintenance, which is always key to avoiding major and serious problems.

Contact them today for a free estimate on your new garage door!


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