Hire a contractor you can trust in all aspects of construction

Home renovations and building projects can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Hiring a contractor who offers project management, and is an expert in all aspects of construction, can go a long way in having a seamless process.

Black Bear Building Solutions in Stony Plain offers a full range of renovation and construction services. They share how they can help you with your big project every step of the way.

Planning and design

The first step of a construction project is knowing what you want in the space you’re working in. Whether a renovation or a new build, having a design is needed before beginning. Whether you have ideas or starting from scratch, Black Bear Building can help. They work with designers, architects and engineers to develop effective plans. A contractor involved with planning and design is invaluable as they can manage the project on schedule, budget, and according to the master plan. Asking questions is a big part of the construction process, so hire a contractor that keeps communication open and is available to answer your questions.

Construction and installation phase

After being involved in the planning and design, it’s much easier for a contractor to accurately see the end goal. Having a better idea of what their clients are looking for will help the construction and installation phase. In addition, this design-build process will improve communication and help to streamline the entire construction process. Creating this type of relationship between contractor and client goes a long way in creating a low-stress renovation experience.

Finishing work

The high level of communication and project management extends to the finishing work of the construction. A construction job isn’t finished until the last pieces are in place. It’s not unheard of for contractors to stretch this part out as they move on to other jobs. This doesn’t happen when there is on-site project management like Black Bear Building Solutions provides. They remain committed to your project until the final inspections are complete. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or raise any concerns at this point in the process. You should feel comfortable talking to your contractor at all times, right until the finish line.

Special accommodations and accessibility

If you’re renovating your bathroom to age-in-place, or for improved accessibility, having the right contractor on your team is essential. Black Bear Building Solutions offers accessible bathroom renovations and can make suggestions for your bathroom design. Bathtub to shower conversions is a beautiful and accessible option for those with mobility challenges. Installing a shower seat, grab bars, a higher toilet, and textured flooring will prevent slips and improve accessibility in the bathroom. For more information on accessible bathroom design, reach out to Black Bear Building Solutions.

General Contractors in Stony Plain

Over 25 years of experience has given Black Bear Building Solutions the knowledge and hands-on skill to deliver top work. They work with you every step of the way, from the design and planning all the way to finishing work. Whether you renovate your home’s interior, build a new deck addition, or need commercial renovation services, they’re ready to work with you.

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