Hiring the right contractor for your kitchen renovation

The right contractor makes kitchen renovations in Calgary easier and less stressful. They take care of team management, problem-solving, and execution so you can continue living without worries about what is happening in your kitchen. Ultimately, your project runs smoother without annoying delays and surprise expenses. But how do you find the right contractor? Calvert Construction Services in Calgary explains.

1. Ask for recommendations

Asking for personal recommendations from people you know and trust is the best tactic for finding the right contractor. Ask your friend, family member, or neighbour about their experience working with the contractor. If the end result surpassed expectations but the renovation process was a nightmare, you should look elsewhere.

2. Contact potential contractors

Next, contact your top three or four contractors. A phone conversation is a fantastic way to gauge if they’ll be a good fit. You should note how they communicate, their professionalism, and if you get along. They should be able to confidently answer any questions you have and provide detailed explanations. Finally, don’t forget to ask the following questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How much experience do you have with kitchen renovations in Calgary?
  • Can you provide proof of insurance, WCB, and licensing?
  • Can you provide a list of references?

These questions are essential because they reveal vital information about the contractor. The contractor needs to be experienced, properly licensed, and insured. Additionally, you can get a better idea of their professionalism by contacting their previous clients. Always ask for references, as a result. Ideally, contact their last three customers.

3. Request quotes

You want a contractor that can work within your budget. Request a detailed quote once you’ve discussed your project with potential contractors. The quote should be easy to understand and, crucially, make sense. If an estimate is over your budget, that isn’t your contractor. However, you should also be cautious if a contractor quotes significantly below your budget or below other estimates. That could indicate inexperience or lower-quality services.

4. Get it in writing

It’s essential to get your agreements in writing. Contracts exist to protect everyone involved. However, remember to read every word before signing anything. The contract should include contact information, estimated start and finish dates, daily working hours, itemized pricing, payment schedule and terms, and required documentation.

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