Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

What does it mean to work with Straight Line Contracting?

If you’re embarking on a significant renovation, you want to find general contractors in Calgary that you can trust. Hiring a professional and reputable [...]

Benefits of renovating the kitchen and bathroom at the same time

Bathroom and kitchen renovations in Calgary are both significant projects. The thought of trying to renovate both these spaces at once can feel daunting. [...]

Three cost considerations for your kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations can be a significant investment. Fortunately, kitchen renovations also have a great return on investment. Remodeling's cost vs. value [...]

Stylish and custom kitchen renovation ideas

The word “custom” when referring to a kitchen renovation is often applied to cabinets or countertops, or storage. That said, there are many other and [...]

Kitchen renovation ideas that can pay off

Kitchen renovations in Calgary have an excellent return on investment, especially when compared to other home renovations. Not only will they recover a [...]

3 Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2021

After spending over a year at home, you might have noticed some things you want to change. For many homeowners, the kitchen might need these changes. As [...]

Everything you need for a successful kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations in Calgary take careful planning and time, but they are well worth the effort. An upgraded kitchen will make the kitchen more [...]

Reasons to renovate the kitchen and bathroom together

   Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most popular rooms to renovate and for good reason. Both renovations offer great ROI, are used daily, and do a [...]

How good project management leads to project success   

In large-scale renovations like a kitchen remodel, having good management and help is key to successful results. A company such as Tungsten Construction in [...]

How much does a kitchen renovation cost in Calgary

The main factors that will determine the cost of a kitchen renovation in Calgary are usually the same, regardless of the renovation. Square footage, the [...]