Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

Kitchen Renovations: How Rouse Projects Goes Above and Beyond

The kitchen is the centre of the home. It's where we cook, dine, mingle with friends, and prepare for the day. However, it's not enough for a kitchen to be [...]

The benefits of updating your kitchen

A good remodel can breathe new life into an old kitchen and introduce new modern elements. In addition to adding value, it also adds a new function, [...]

4 strategies for a well-designed kitchen

The kitchen is where meals are prepared, coffee is made, parties are hosted, and families gather - it needs to be a welcoming place. But, it also needs to be [...]

Ideas for your kitchen renovation

You know you want to renovate your kitchen and add value, appeal, and function. But, before starting any kitchen renovations in Calgary, take a look [...]

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional General Contractor

Taking a DIY approach to your renovation and remodelling project can be overwhelming—and you may quickly feel like you're in over your head. A professional [...]

Three things to consider before starting a kitchen renovation

There are many details to think of when it comes to home renovations. Of course, you want to improve the look of the space, but things like functionality, [...]

Custom kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid

You've likely heard it before that the kitchen is the 'heart of the home,' and it's true. As a central social gathering hub and food prep area, it's a [...]

Give your home a little TLC in 2022

When the new year rolls in, many people make resolutions to better their health and wellness. However, making positive changes to your home can improve [...]

Simple Kitchen Renovation Ideas with BIG Impact

modern kitchen design with chevron backsplash and white cabinetry.
Blog Written by Can Do More Painting Inc. in Calgary Simple changes in details and interiors can make a huge difference when it comes to redesigning [...]

What does it mean to work with Straight Line Contracting?

If you’re embarking on a significant renovation, you want to find general contractors in Calgary that you can trust. Hiring a professional and reputable [...]