Common Kitchen Renovation Blunders

Kitchen renovations in Calgary can be a huge investment in both time and money. You’ll spend months planning the kitchen remodel and that’s before construction has even started. Is it worth it? Yes! Kitchen renovations have one of the best return on investments compared to other interior home renovations and can add sizable value to your property.

To ensure your expensive kitchen remodel is adding value to your home and that the finish project will be attractive to buyers in the future, avoid these 3 common kitchen renovation mistakes:

1.  Going too cheap on kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen renovation contractors will tell you that the kitchen cabinets are the most critical component of the entire remodel. They will also account for the largest portion of your kitchen remodel budget. There are quality stock cabinets on the market, but if you go too cheap on your cabinetry you might regret it.

Work with your designer to ensure there are enough cabinets in the renovation to meet your needs for both function and style. Just like any home improvement material, cheap products usually don’t pass the test of time and you will regret not making the initial investment for something better and more useful.

2.  Forgetting ergonomics when installing appliances.

Stand alone appliances look strange and will make using your kitchen awkward. Your kitchen remodel will have better ergonomics and flow if the appliances are installed within your cabinets. Dishwashers should be tucked under the countertop close to the sink to make clean up easier. You won’t want to rinse a dish at the sink and then walk across the room to put it in the stand-alone dishwasher. The same goes for the range, fridge and microwave. For example, your range should be near counterspace, so you can easily prepare meals while cooking. Kitchen renovation contractors will help create a design for your kitchen that has the best flow for aesthetics and function.  Read these smart tips for an ergonomic kitchen.

3.  Mismatch finishings.

Purchasing kitchen remodel materials, like countertops and backsplash, on discount is a great way to saving money during your kitchen renovations. Just make sure your finished project doesn’t look too mismatch or piecemeal.  You shouldn’t have two different types of countertop because you found a beautiful piece of granite on sale, but it wasn’t quite enough for the whole kitchen. Your kitchen would look better and obtain more value with a less high-end countertop that was installed throughout. The same goes for your faucets, fixtures, flooring and other finishes. Make sure they match and they all work well in the final design.

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