How to Create a Canadian Zen Bathroom Design

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A Canadian Zen bathroom design may be the perfect solution if you’re planning a renovation. This design style emphasizes the importance of natural textures, including wood grain, which creates a soothing and warm feel. Alternatively, you can opt for an industrial style with modern details, such as floor-to-ceiling marble. The choices are as varied as the style itself, but there are key points that you should remember when choosing your bathroom decor and designing bathroom renovations in Vancouver.

Modern industrial style

An industrial-style bathroom is a good choice for a contemporary home because exposed pipes add character and give the design an unfinished look. In this example, a large silver duct is visible in the ceiling while a dark black pipe runs above the vanity. The ceiling and floor are finished in hardwood. The double concrete vanity has a white subway tile backsplash. The shower is divided by a panelled door, and the bathtub is a simple white colour.

Grey bath towels blend well with the decor in a modern industrial-style bathroom design. The concrete sink can be mounted on black metal legs, and a wall-mounted mirror can be attached to the concrete walls. The industrial style is complemented by hard-wearing materials and adds personality. In addition to choosing materials, consider using a variety of textures to make the room look larger.

Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful industrial bathroom that you deserve. You can put it piece by piece together to get the final look. One of the most common industrial elements found in bathrooms is exposed lighting. These lights typically hang over the toilet and sink to give the room an industrial look. The ceiling should feature a wood and concrete texture, adding a loft-style feel. A black showerhead and a matching curtain rail are both functional and beautiful. An exposed lighting fixture is an excellent choice above a concrete double sink. Gray waffled towels are stored beneath the exposed bulbs. The shower stall’s white subway tile and a black metal frame window add character to the space.

Natural textures

If you’d like a bathroom that has a Zen feel, consider using neutral colours. This style is popular now, but you can create a feminine feel by combining cream paint with beige tile and wood vanity. Grey and brown accessories are also suitable for the space. These colours are reminiscent of a peaceful morning. Choosing a bathroom colour complementary to your personality can also help you create the perfect Zen retreat.

When choosing colours for your bathroom, you’ll need to consider the humidity and temperature of the space. While white seems to be the safest colour, it’s also the least practical. Luckily, new materials and technologies make choosing natural colours easy and practical. You can select from timber-effect porcelain tiles for floors or choose luxury vinyl tile plank flooring to feel warm underfoot. Remember, you don’t have to use porcelain tiles. You can create the same effect with luxury vinyl flooring.

Freestanding tub

If you’d like to bring the outdoors in, you can use a freestanding bathtub. This can give you a sense of being at the top of the world while you bathe. A freestanding tub is an excellent option for a Canadian Zen bathroom. The designer of the bathroom, Susannah Hawkins, based in Vancouver, incorporated wood textures and concrete in her freestanding bath to create an idyllic space.

A freestanding bathtub is an essential element of a Zen bathroom design. It is usually the centrepiece of the room as it large and features minimalist curves. It can be placed near a window to enhance the Zen effect. Adding tall floor-standing plants can also create a nature-inspired effect. Lastly, freestanding bathtubs are often deep and sometimes partially submerged. This is to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your soak without feeling too much stress.

A freestanding tub in a Canadian Zen bathroom design can be a great way to add the Zen effect to any bathroom. This bathtub features a symmetrical design, perfect for achieving that spa-like feel. It also has a symmetrical placement between the built-in cabinets.

Pairing with light, windows, and colours

A freestanding tub creates a cozy feel, so paired with a dramatic light fixture and faucet system, this bathtub is a great way to create a relaxing oasis. Try combining a contemporary light fixture and an old-fashioned faucet system to create a zen-inspired bathroom with a freestanding tub. The bathtub can be a stunning focal point of your bathroom. You can surround by patterned wallpaper and a splash of colour on the wall to bring out your personality.

A freestanding tub can be a great way to maximize space in a bathroom with minimal windows. Adding a few leaves around the bathtub can also help add natural light. A freestanding tub can also be a great way to make a small bathroom look larger. For additional luxury, you can add a mounted television above the bathtub.

A zen-inspired bathroom can have a variety of colours. Neutral colours, such as cream, are very popular right now. Combining neutral bathroom colours with a white freestanding tub, wood shelves, and a calming green plant creates a relaxing space. Other neutral colours, such as brown and grey, add depth and dimension to the room. Remember that a zen bathroom can be feminine or masculine when choosing colours.

Floor-to-ceiling marble

A bathroom with floor-to-ceiling marble is a stunning addition to any Vancouver bathroom renovation. Usually, marble tiles are large and symmetrical, but you can use narrow ones for an exciting effect. However, you should be careful to protect the marble you choose, as it contains iron that rusts when exposed to moisture. This material can also change colour and look with time, so you should seal it to prevent damage.

While marble requires constant maintenance and care, you could go with another material if you don’t have the time to clean it properly. Wood or porcelain tiles are much easier to maintain and clean. A beautiful marble bathroom can be expensive to install but will look fabulous. Using marble in the bathroom can also be an excellent choice for a modern, minimalist bathroom. If you’d like to add marble to your home, check the durability of the materials used in the design.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary look or an upscale, traditional one, you will find inspiration in these beautiful bathrooms. Floor-to-ceiling marble is a great way to make a statement in a bathroom, but don’t go overboard with the stone. Too much stone can be cold and uninviting. If you want your home to be a sanctuary, a soft wood-panelled bathroom will help you avoid the cold feeling that often accompanies hard surfaces.

Built-ins for toiletries

One of the most striking things about a Canadian Zen bathroom design is the use of built-ins for toiletries. While this feature may not seem necessary, it provides a lot of storage space and helps to create a serene environment. Built-ins for toiletries help homeowners keep all of their items within easy reach above the toilet bowl.

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