How to make a small basement feel larger

Given the right design and planning, even a small basement can have as much potential and appeal as a large one. The trick is to work within the space and maximize what is already there. 4 O.A.K Construction, a professional renovations company in Edmonton, can help do just that. They share some tips and tricks to make a small basement feel bigger with the right renovation:

Keep the colours light and bright

Basements and dark colours generally don’t mix well unless there is the right blend of lighting and colour balance. That’s why it’s better to focus on brighter colours in a small basement to help create a sense of space. Lighting will naturally reflect off lighter walls, which helps make the basement feel bigger. Even painting the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls will add a sense of height to the area. If you do want some dark, accent colours, focus on furniture or appliances for those shades. Dark cabinets on a kitchenette or for home theatre cabinets will create a striking contrast and add some depth.

Keep the space open

Pick furniture that will fit in the space of the room and still keeps the floors open. Creating a natural pathway helps draw the eye down the room’s length, making it seem bigger. Open shelving on the walls takes up less visual space so that the walls themselves likewise feel bigger and more open. Instead of multiple, smaller accent pieces or art, stick with one large statement piece. That way, you still get visual interest and appeal, without the sense of being cluttered.

Maximize natural lighting or stage lighting

If you’re able to, consider installing windows. Windows help create a connection to the outside and bring in natural sunlight. Egress windows, which are legally required for basement bedrooms, invite ventilation as well. That welcome source of clean, fresh air will keep the basement from feeling stale and closed-off. For basements that are fully below grade or won’t have a bedroom, staged lighting can be effective. Layers of lighting, like general and task lighting, help create an even spread of light. Even interesting light fixtures will help with depth and space. Accent ceiling fixtures, for example, draw the focus upwards, which creates a sense of height.

Focus on one purpose

Larger basements can be multipurpose in their use, but a smaller basement may not have the same luxury. Instead of combining a new bedroom and secondary living room, focus on one new purpose. Small basements can still work just as well for a home theatre or gym, given the right design. It’ll also help add more value to the basement by investing in quality additions that benefit the new room. To add multipurpose elements, focus on the furniture. Murphy beds in a small suite can be used as needed and stored otherwise to keep the space open. Seats with hidden storage can be used for lounging or double as a breakfast nook while keeping items out of sight.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

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