Need a furnace replacement? Make sure you pick the right one


Replacing a furnace is a great time to consider an upgrade or better model that your home needs. There are plenty of sizes, models, and types of furnaces to consider. Before picking the most popular option, make sure you are getting the right fit for your home.

Better Air Heat and Water in Edmonton is a full-service HVAC company. They share some tips for choosing the right furnace replacement for your home:

Size is important

A bigger furnace doesn’t mean you get more heating and better efficiency, especially if you have a smaller home. Likewise, buying a small furnace doesn’t mean you will save more money by using less energy to power it. When buying a furnace, it’s important to pick one that suits your home’s needs. Too big, and you end up using more fuel than necessary and so wasting money. To get the right size, calculate the heat output with the overall size of your home. An HVAC contractor can also help to make sure you choose the right size.

Look at the efficiency

A furnace with a higher annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) means it is more efficient. That means less energy is needed to provide heat, so you save more on monthly bills. ENERGY STAR states that a furnace with an AFUE of 97, for example, can save upwards of 21% over a standard furnace. It can also help extend the furnace’s lifespan by not making it work quite as hard to produce heat. Keep in mind that your home also needs to be efficient and sealed. Proper insulation, good windows, and sealed doors will help keep the heat in. Otherwise, even a highly-efficient furnace won’t offer as many benefits.

Look at model features

There are three main models of furnaces: single-stage, two-stage, and modulating. Each has benefits and savings, but they will depend on your home and your budget.

Single-stage has one setting with maximum power when turned on. It is the lowest cost option, but also not the most efficient. Two-stage lets you customize the settings with either high or medium temperatures. It is more expensive than single-stage but has higher efficiency, so you get better comfort and savings. Modulating is a high-end option that changes temperatures as your home’s temperatures change. That prevents any fluctuations and keeps the home constantly at a comfortable level. It is the most expensive but offers the highest efficiency.

Furnace Replacement & Installation in Edmonton

With 18 years of experience providing quality HVAC services, Better Air Heat and Water is the right company to call. They provide honest and reliable service for every job no matter what. Whether furnace installation or replacement, air conditioning, air filtration, and more, they can help.

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