How to make your small bathroom feel bigger

A bathroom renovation can improve looks, function, and resale value too. If your bathroom is small, there are many different solutions to renovate it so it can feel spacious. From JK’s Construction in Vancouver, here are some ways to make your small bathroom feel bigger with your next renovation. 

Light colours, or a feature wall

One way to help the bathroom seem bigger is with paint colours. Lighter, more neutral colours can modernize and open up the space. Another thing you could do with your paint, or potentially something like wallpaper, is to create a feature wall. Having a feature wall that is darker, or simply different from the rest of the walls, creates the illusion of depth in your bathroom. A feature wall can also be the tile surround in the shower, as long as you have a glass enclosure so the tile wall can be seen. This is something a professional contractor like JK’s Construction can help you with. 

Windows and mirrors

Windows open up a space, and let in more natural light. You could incorporate a window, big or small, on your exterior wall, or consider a skylight window. Windows don’t take up any additional space, and make your bathroom airy and bright. In similar fashion, mirrors can too give your bathroom more depth, keep the space light, and help the space appear larger. Mirrors can take up an entire wall, or just hang above the sink. 

Shower and bath combination

While stand-alone tubs can be a great feature, sometimes the space doesn’t allow for it. A shower bathtub combination can save space, while still giving you both features. When it comes to showers, or shower bathtub enclosures, a great way to make the space appear larger is with glass doors, rather than a curtain. Glass allows your eyes to travel to the very back of the room, and give your bathroom a modern, chic look too. 

Pocket doors

Sometimes, because of the layout of the bathroom, it can be a challenge just to open the bathroom door without hitting anything. Pocket doors are a great feature, because they slide in and out of your walls, and don’t take up any additional space. This makes it easier to change your bathroom layout, add more storage, or change anything about your bathroom without a pesky door in the way.

A pocket door is only possible if the wall structure around the bathroom allows it. In some cases, electrical might have to be moved to accommodate a pocket door, and that is not always possible.

Bathroom Renovations in Vancouver

Starting in 1984, JK’s Construction specializes in home renovation and improvement, with a focus on bathroom and kitchen remodels. JK’s Construction is passionate about home renovation, and treats clients’ homes as their own during every project. 

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