How to maximize space in a bathroom renovation  

Maximizing space in a bathroom isn’t just limited to extensive renovations or tearing down walls. But if it feels too small or too big, there are a few alternative tricks to maximize a sense of space.

Nest Builder in Edmonton specializes in creating relaxing, custom home renovations. They share some ways to help maximize space in any bathroom for a perfect transformation: 

Soft, light colours 

When coupled with proper lighting, the right colours will do wonders to create a more open and spacious feeling in a bathroom. For example, white ceilings with light coloured walls will help draw the eye upwards for more height. If you do want some dark colours, be reserved with how much is present. For dark, tiled flooring, use a bright white grout to add a nice contrast. Dark paint on the bottom half of the walls, but white on top, will add a sense of expansiveness and aesthetic. Make sure to use dark shades sparingly and focus more on bright pastels or cool contrasts.

Use glass 

The best place for a stunning glass addition is to remove your old shower and install a walk-in shower with glass walls. Use stylish, bright tiles on the walls for a feature touch and to enhance the feeling of openness and luxury. The transparency of glass will make the shower look bigger and add that same sense to the rest of the bathroom. For the vanity, install a large feature mirror to create a focal point. The glass will also help reflect light, which will brighten the room and create the illusion of more space. Mirrors with gold or silver trim add stylish decor and a touch of warmth to the room.

Keep the floor open 

Floating vanities are not only stylish and striking, but the open floor beneath helps create the illusion of more space. Pair the look with either wall-mounted cabinets or ceiling-height cabinets to offer great storage solutions and added height. If you do have the budget for a bigger renovation, consider changing the layout completely to open up the floor. Move the toilet or opt for a free-standing soaker tub to maximize how much free flooring there is. That will help prevent any sense of stuffiness and lend a modern and sleek look.

Add eye-catching accents 

Drawing the eye around the room and at various heights is another trick to maximize space in a bathroom. A line of vertical accent tiles in the shower will draw the eye up and make the shower seem grander. Use coloured fixtures, such as a striking black or bright gold, on the sink, shower, and bathtub to draw attention around the room. The right lighting can also make the room feel larger. Your contractor can help you choose fixtures for both your ambient lighting and task lighting around the vanity mirror.

General Contractors in Edmonton 

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