How to prepare for new windows and doors and what to expect during installation

The installation of new windows or doors in your home can, understandably, seem like a daunting task. From exposing your home to the elements to the risk of poor workmanship, it’s enough to make any homeowner nervous. This is why All Weather Windows Renovations is dedicated to making every window and door installation as efficient and convenient as possible. With comprehensive InstallationMasters and workplace safety certifications, in addition to liability coverage, All Weather Windows Renovations’ installers bring industry best-practices and a safety-first mindset to every job.

To help prepare you for a window and door renovation, we’ve outlined what you can expect from an installation with All Weather Windows Renovations, including a few things you can do to help along the way!

Preparing for installation

In a few steps, you can prep your home for new windows and doors before installers arrive. Completing these tasks will help make your installation both safer and faster!

Start by clearing a 4ft area around each window or door being replaced. This will help ensure there is no damage to your personal belongings or any hazards to installers.

Cover any nearby items that you don’t want to potentially get dusty.

Finish prepping by removing any window coverings, including blinds or curtains.

Window Installation

Here’s what you can expect on the day of your new window installation:

Once installers arrive, and before any work begins, equipment will be properly set-up and a site assessment will be completed. This is done for the safety of your installation crew and to minimize any mess in or around your home.

When replacing old windows, the process will likely include a full-frame removal of the old windows. This is done to take full advantage of the advances in insulating technology in your new All Weather Windows’ product.

Once the old window is removed, the opening will be cleared, shimmed, and prepped to receive your new window.

After the new window is set into the rough opening, it will be back-sealed and insulated, removing air leakage and increasing efficiency.

A new interior casing will be cut and installed around the perimeter of the new window. All Weather Windows’ casing comes primed for paint, meaning you can immediately match it to your home’s colour palette after installation.

The exterior window edges will be either blocked and capped or covered with a pre-finished brickmould. Your All Weather Windows Renovations consultant can help you choose what’s best for your home.

To finalize your installation, the workspace will be thoroughly cleaned and a walkthrough will be conducted to ensure your new windows meet the standards of yourself and All Weather Windows Renovations.

Door Installation

As with new windows, your certified installers will ensure the proper set-up of equipment and conduct an on-site assessment for safety and cleanliness.

Before the removal of your old door unit, its dimensions will be measured and checked against the new replacement door to ensure a good fit. It’s common in older door systems to have to adjust the measurements of the rough opening to accommodate the size of the new system.

Once your old door unit is removed, and the opening has been prepared, the new door will be installed, shimmed, squared and secured.

The interior of the door unit will be insulated before having casing applied around the edges. As with our windows, this casing is ready to paint. Lastly, all of your new door’s hardware will be installed, including deadbolts and handles.

Finally, the exterior touches are set in place, including block and cap aluminum finishes.

All Weather Windows Renovations’ dedication to working alongside you every step of your renovation doesn’t stop after installation. With comprehensive warranty on products and labour, and a dedicated Service Request portal, peace of mind comes standard with every project.

To learn more about the All Weather Windows Renovations installation experience or to start your window and door renovation, book your free in-home consultation today!

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